5 Ways Glamis Dunes ATV Rental Is Maximizing Safety


Safety is paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when using public spaces. When considering ATV rental, you need peace of mind that your health and wellbeing are well-taken care of. When you go to Glamis Dunes rental for an ATV, you need peace of mind that your wellbeing is a priority to the management.

Rental service equipment goes through various hands. This increases the risk of spreading germs, especially coronavirus from one use to another. To ensure that everything is handled with care, there is a need to have safety measures in place. Check out the following protocols in place to ensure that whatever you’re to use is safe and clean before your Glamis Dunes off road adventure. 

Wiping down equipment

According to research, the coronavirus survives for up to 72 hours in stainless steel and plastic, up to 4 hours on copper, and about 24 hours on cardboard. So, the rental service has to ensure that all equipment is wiped down after every ride. The management ensures that all off-road vehicles are sanitized. 

This requires using sanitizing wipes to keep the UTVs and ATVs clean and germ-free. Afterward, all surfaces including the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and other common touchpoints in the car are wiped down using a disinfectant. 

Spraying helmets

Riding a Glamis Dunes on rental ATV requires wearing a helmet. This significantly lessens the chances of head injury by 64 percent and death risk by about 42 percent. The most common injuries when riding an ATV include the head and the spinal cord, so, wearing a helmet is paramount. 

Since customers can borrow helmets from the ATV rental, extra care is taken to ensure that every helmet is disinfected. Alternatively, the rental company might sell helmets at discounted prices for people who can’t trust sharing the helmet with other people. This ensures that you borrow or buy a helmet to ensure that you hit the road without worrying about 

Safety from coronavirus or after an accident. 

Offering disposable helmet liners

Helmet liners are for use when wearing a helmet. It is made of soft cloth for lacing around the ends of the helmet. The liner covers all helmet spots and creates a comfortable barrier between your head and the helmet surface. Using a helmet liner ensures comfort and protects you from any harm in case of an accident.

During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rental company will offer everyone disposable helmet liners with each ride. Apart from keeping you cool while riding in the heat , it prevents picking up germs from the last user’s saliva, sweat, and hair products when using a borrowed helmet. Although the helmets are usually sprayed after use, the liners offer extra protection. 

Recommending wearing gloves

Use of gloves when riding an ATV will keep your hands from becoming tired, sore, or cold. The gloves also protect your eyes from a spill. Professional ATV gloves come with padded over knuckles to protect your hands from bruising and comfort. Other uses of gloves include keeping the hands safe in case you lose grip while riding or from things that might be sticking out on the trail. 

In these times of the coronavirus pandemic, touching surfaces usually touched by other people increases the risk of spreading the virus. So, another very important use of wearing gloves is to create a barrier between your hands and surfaces you’re likely to touch. The gloves will ensure that you don’t catch germs and bacteria from people who last touched the surface. 

Offering hand sanitizer

Another safety protocol when renting an ATV is to use hand sanitizer . Washing hands regularly is recommended but it doesn’t get rid of pesky germs. The ideal hand sanitizer for use should be with about 70 percent alcohol content is important. When on the rental local, look out for hand sanitizer in various locations for everyone to use. 

Benefits of ATV rental for your health

Apart from being an extreme activity for thrill-seekers, riding an ATV is good when seeking adventure. You get an opportunity to explore the stunning Glamis Dunes landscape and various terrain. This family-friendly activity has various health benefits. It allows getting closer to nature with subsequent positive impacts on mental health. 

At the end of your journey, you’ll have a fresh perspective about life. Riding an ATV is also a great workout activity. This will allow you to stay in great shape while checking out the beauty of the Glamis Dunes landscape. 

After spending days away from public life, there are various reasons to get outdoors. A great idea is to book an ATV from a Glamis Dunes rental. There’s no need to worry about safety since you’re likely to find various safety protocols to keep everyone safe.

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