5 Ways Mylar Packaging Can Better Maintain Snack Quality


Mylar is a technologically advanced material that can protect packaged snack food from environmental hazards such as air and moisture. Many brands opt to add a zipper closure to Mylar packaging for resealing to continue to maintain quality even after an end consumer has opened a package. Find out more about five ways that custom mylar bags make it easier for snack food brands to maintain quality.

Mylar Packaging Can Improve Food Grade Protection

You should consider Mylar for food-grade protection. This flexible high-barrier film can be used to make pouches that are odor-resistant. One of the main benefits of using recycled plastic pouches is that this sustainable material can protect many types of packaged foods. 

Mylar packaging can be combined with other recyclable barriers and films to protect any type of snack food product. One of the main benefits of stretched polyethylene terephthalate or PET is that this material is airtight for food and can keep moisture from entering to preserve freshness and quality.

Mylar Packaging Can Improve Brand Recognition

Flexible Mylar packaging is a good option for digital package printing. The choices you make in terms of product design for rollstock or pouches can drive up recognition of your brand. 

Digital printing makes it possible for brands to print short or medium runs of packaging to reduce waste. Snack food companies can also experiment with smart packaging or do variable print designs. Mylar is also has good tactile properties when customers pick up products at a store or unbox products ordered online.

Mylar Packaging Can Improve Moisture Exclusion

If your current snack food packaging falls short on protecting the product inside, you should consider switching to stand up pouches that are made of Mylar. This material preserves the quality of snack foods that could otherwise suffer due to exposure to air and moisture.

Moisture exclusion is critical for most snack food products. In addition to preserving the intended taste and texture of recipes, moisture also increases risks of mold or other contamination. Mylar can keep products dry and protected from exposure during shipment and sale.

Mylar Packaging Can Improve Child Proof Designs

Snack foods that contain active ingredients can pose a risk to children. Child-proof Mylar packaging is a good choice to limit access to products to the intended end consumers.

Packaging designed to be child-resistant may also be better able to stand up to wear and tear. If your current product packaging does not meet this standard, you should consider new packaging made of Mylar.

Mylar Packaging Can Improve Resealability

Mylar is a protective material when a package retains the original factory seal. Packaging with a zipper for resealing or a package sealed with another type of closure can keep snack foods fresh for longer. 

Snack food companies should consider stand up or lay flat flexible material made of Mylar for durability, odor-resistance and environmental protection. Customize Mylar packaging with digitally printed designs to present a product to consumers. Snacks packaged in Mylar stay fresh for longer. 

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