6 Best Weed Subscription Box to Try In 2022


Subscription boxes provide a monthly assortment of goods and items to your door depending on your interests to encourage you to branch out and try something new. Given this, plus the fact that cannabis legalization is already a reality in many places, it’s no wonder that pot subscription boxes are booming.

Moreover, buy shrooms online at great discounts is not difficult with proper research. Nonetheless, with so many alternatives, it can be tough to find one that hits the right notes for you, whether you’re seeking something that contains actual marijuana or one that is just filled with handy accessories. To help you choose the right subscription, here is a list of the six top marijuana subscription box services available.


The weed subscription box from Cannabox costs around $30.99 per month, and it would cost less than that if you pay for every 3 or 6 months. You will get the Essentials box for around $14.99 each month. These boxes mainly focus on glass and accessories, but it surely offers good value for money with some cool goods every month with these boxes.

While there isn’t much you can do to customize your boxes beyond selecting the Essentials or the basic box, the pricing is reasonable, and the variety in each box is excellent. Themes for each month’s package include “Road Trip,” “Baked,” and “Level Up!” with the latter. 

Common items are a t-shirt, an 8-bit heart tiny bong, wraps and rolling papers, a clipper lighter, and a pipe cleaner. Although the contents of each box are generally similar, such as some gear, papers, a glass piece, an accessory, and a Clipper, the specifics and appearance differ from month to month. The Essentials box is similar, except it includes a hand pipe instead of a bong and has fewer accessories overall.

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Nugg Club

Your monthly subscription to the Nugg Club will supply genuine cannabis flowers, high THC extracts, delectable sweets, and more directly to your door. Your monthly budget will stretch further because they provide a wide range of things at wholesale pricing. Nugg Club boxes contain some of the highest-quality marijuana products on the market. Every package contains only full-sized, top-shelf cannabis items for a fraction of the amount you’d pay at a dispensary. 

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Stoney Babe Box

The Stoney Babe Box is a monthly cannabis subscription box for women, featuring themes each month and focusing on items from women-owned small companies. Although there is only one membership level, you get a lot of bangs for your buck, with 5 to 10 goods ranging in price from $60 to $120. Although the specifics change per box, this is the kind of selection you can expect, including a glass piece, as well as other amazing stoner accouterments and general goods.

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Hemper Box

The Hemper box is essentially a high-end stoner kit comprising various surprise products such as puff packs, bongs, clipper lighter, hemp wraps, glass pads, tornado rings, and so on, designed by the New York-based firm Hemper. Several notable periodicals have featured the high-quality stoner package, like legal CBD joints, marijuana papers, 10 different cannabis items, glass and costs approximately $39.99 per month. 

Moreover, the smoking materials change every month to keep you guessing. You may also collect a sizable collection of smoking accessories, particularly glass. The Hemper Pineapple Rig costs $59.99 plus shipping if you’re curious. For less than $40 a month, you can get it in the Hemper box, along with other items. So, how cool is that?

Daily High Club

The Daily High Club is among the greatest cannabis subscription boxes on the market, with three different subscription boxes available at reasonable costs. This company is most recognized for curating high-end glass. Furthermore, the firm partners with several cannabis manufacturers to offer interesting delights in the form of three subscription boxes, including:

  • RAWsentials

A RAW clipper lighter, an assorted sticker, 25 broad organic hemp rolling sheets, and RAW filter tips are included in this all-natural package. For only $9.99 each month, you may have all of these smoking accessories.

  • Connoisseur V2

If you want to savor marijuana while staying on a budget, the Connoisseur V2, which has seven to nine products for around $20 each month, is the way to go.

  • EL Primo

It’s a high-end package that costs roughly $100 every month and includes cannabis items like a DHC 14mm bong, glass bowl, directional flow silicone carb cap, and DHC heart dab wand, among other things.

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Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler cannabis subscription box selections are designed to provide you with the necessities and themed products for smokers, dabblers, and those who do both. If you’re a roller, you can select between papers, wraps, or both, and if you’re looking for a mid-range choice, you can choose between dry mixes and concentrates, and whether you already have the necessities, dive straight into the themed boxes. You may pick between dry mix and concentrate in the largest package, but you’ll get higher-quality gear and a bigger assortment. Each package contains a glass piece, standard accouterments, rolling equipment, and other goodies.

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Final Note

The popularity of marijuana or CBD is now rising, mainly as a recreational drug and its therapeutic effects. Well, now you have the weed subscription boxes available, and what could be better than this? These cannabis boxes, like other subscriptions, are sent directly to your house with a selection of hand-selected goods to take the worry out of purchasing and even give a pleasant surprise every month.

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