Outdoor Enthusiasts: 4 Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes to Buy


Are you a camp aficionado or love going on nature trips? If yes, then you need the right gear. Outdoor activities let you reap the benefits of exercise, and you get to spend time with family and friends without your Wi-Fi connection. 

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, choosing the right adventure gear is significant in having the most enjoyable adventure. Having the right outdoor equipment can determine how you explore wild landscapes. According to the US Forest Service, it’s best to adequately prepare for outdoor activities by ensuring you have the right equipment. Experts advise not waiting until you’re about to set out before packing emergency devices. Subscribing for an outdoor box can help prepare you for anything. 

If you’re looking to get the best outdoor subscriptions for outdoor enthusiasts, dive right into this list: 


As the name implies, Battlbox prepares you for “battle” outdoors. This subscription caters to challenging and extreme situations with EDC, camping, survival, and other types of outdoor gear. You get your equipment delivered every month. 

One major factor that sets Battlbox aside from other subscription boxes is the brand’s partnership with top gear brands to bring you the best experience. You get top-quality items from brands like Lord & Field Outfitters, Going Gear, Grenade Soap Co., and more. The gear also includes Zippo, Leatherman, Gerber, Exotac, Solo Stove, and TOP Knives items. 

Battlbox’s monthly collection for survivalists includes:

  • Camping supplies
  • Firestarters
  • Knives and sharpeners
  • Flashlights
  • Compasses 
  • Medical kits
  • Shelf-stable foods
  • Tactical pens
  • EDC gear

The Battlbox team hand-selects and tests each item rigorously before including them in the box. And this has earned it the tag of the best outdoor subscription box

Battlbox introduces items targeted for specific emergencies. Monthly gear ranges from fishing/hunting, water purification scenarios, and blackouts for the Basic Plan. So, this makes it ideal for those just starting on outdoor adventures. The Basic entry-level plan starts at only $30 monthly. It includes essentials like emergency supplies, survival manuals, and other vital tools. 

However, outdoor veterans are also not left out as they get more hardcore gear with the Advanced, Pro, Pro Plus boxes. Think doomsday prep gear from top brands like Spyderco, CRKT, GERBER, and Kershaw monthly. You’ll get excellent products like watches, concealed weapons carry holsters, blades, tactical belts, and more. 

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Crate Club

Crate Club

Image via Unsplash

Crate Club is not your typical outdoor subscription box. It is a tactical subscription box service curated by former US Special Ops and CIA veterans. Hand-selected by members of SOFREP, the Special Forces News outlet, Crate Club offers military-grade survival gear.

The brand has four plans, and the content and value of your subscription box determine the items you get. You get the advantage of the team’s expertise. They know which gear is essential for the most extreme situations and which equipment is crap. 

Besides, most of the products you receive have been used and tested by Special Ops and other Military personnel. This includes Triad flashlights, GERBER knives, Vertex accessories, and exclusive Crate Club branded gear. 

Another advantage of Crate Club is that it makes the perfect gift for any military buff, prepper, or outdoors person. Each box contains functional and tested supplies that are sure to come in handy. You’re also supporting veterans by subscribing to Crate Club.

Crate Club costs $34.99 monthly for the basic and goes up to $59.99 monthly for the Pro plan. There’s also the Loadout plan at $129.99 monthly for those who want to receive the best tactical gear. Crate Club also offers a Premium plan at $399.99 for those who want only premium-quality goods.

 Think Outside

Crate Club outside

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Think Outside inspires outdoor play if you’re looking to get your family away from the screens and get them out and about. This subscription box is perfect for kids ages 7-16 and teaches basic survival skills. Kids also get to learn about science, nature, and geography. 

Each month, you’ll receive topics like first aid and nutrition. This subscription box focuses on education, empathy for nature, and family bonding. Instead of spending all their free time in front of the TV, Think Outside encourages them to head outside. Subscribers get three to five pieces of high-quality gear, water-resistant resource cards, and challenges for the whole family. The box also includes an educational booklet and hands-on activities. 

Each box revolves around a central theme from navigation to wildlife, shelter building, and stargazing. Subscription for Think Outside is about $40 monthly, and there’s an option to receive boxes quarterly. 

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Alpha Outpost

Alpha Outpost

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Alpha Outpost is another subscription box founded by US Military Veterans. The brand offers outdoor and survival gear delivered each month. Alpha Post sends out themed boxes. You could receive an outdoor cooking box that includes a camp kitchen carving set and cutting board for a particular month. Another box could be a hiking box containing a day pack, a water bottle, and trekking poles. 

This subscription box aims to improve your outdoor survival skills. The variety of survival-themed products includes a fire starter box, an isolated box, a hideout box, a hydration-themed box, and more. Alpha Post offers subscription boxes starting at $40 monthly.  

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From self-professed survivalists to glampers to kid adventurers, these subscription boxes tailor their offers to your needs. Your gear is delivered promptly to your doorsteps monthly or quarterly. The best part is that you spend less time shopping for equipment and more exploring the outdoors. 

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