6 Effective Designing Hacks Your Nail Polish Packaging Need

custom nail polish boxes

Packaging is like the ultimate protective and promotional machine for businesses. All marketers are looking for innovative and functional packaging designs to protect their products. Nail polish packaging can help the cosmetic sector well to protect the products. These boxes can also introduce PP and PE laminations to elevate the barrier properties. Digital, screen, and offset printing options are also available and help businesses in the promotional process. Businesses can also use special laminations and finishes options to uplift their packaging in feel and aesthetics.

Nail polish is one of the most demanded products in the cosmetic sector. Consumers are always crazy for new colors and shades of nail polishes, and the demand is simply never-ending. The competition is also high for sales of these products, and businesses are looking for new promotional tactics. Protecting these products is also tricky as they are highly sensitive to external factors. Nail polish packaging made with cardboard and Kraft can prove to be the best. These boxes are superior in their protective nature, along with endless options to print and customize the boxes.

The certainty of unique design

The competition in the cosmetic market speaks for itself. Consumers are crazy over new product lines launched by their preferred brands. The market is saturated with product manufacturers and big brands spending millions annually on marketing. These big businesses have created a core fan base for their product, making the situation difficult for new businesses. You can never compete with big giants in marketing and promotional budgets, which makes sustaining sales difficult. Luckily cosmetic packaging is there to assist you in the process. These boxes are like the ultimate marketing machine for your products. They help to not only protect the products but also to promote the products. Packaging helps you enhance the presentation of your products in front of an audience and influence their purchase action. Here are some of the packaging design hacks that will help you make a lasting impression on consumers and boost sales of your brand.

Use corrugated materials

Protecting the products is always one of the crucial points. The basic function of custom nail polish boxes is to keep the risks of damage and contamination away from products. In addition, it helps to ensure the optimal condition of products and reflect the professionalism of your brand to the audience. One of the secrets of making your packaging functional is using corrugated materials. It is always perfect as it helps to resist all the physical impacts and stacking pressure during shipping to keep products safe. It also helps to save the cost of shipping due to the lightweight packaging.    

Same color packaging 

The printing options available for the packaging have unleashed the real communicational potentials of packaging. Consumers value the new customized packaging for the products as it helps bridge the communication gap. Let your packaging speak for itself to get better feedback from consumers. Consumers are always looking for better convenience while selecting the right color for nail polishes.business icon You can print the packaging in the same color as the nail polish. It perfectly helps you communicate the nature of the product to the consumers and win their hearts.    

Always focus on typography

It is not only the illustrations and graphics of packaging to uplift the presentation of products. You always have to make all aspects of packaging stand out in the market for making a lasting impression on consumers. You can enhance the appeal of cosmetic packaging by using creative typography on the boxes. You can select innovative and appealing fonts for the labels and print them in different colors. Such typography is always perfect for grabbing consumers’ attention and influencing their purchase action. You should also select the right font size to ensure the readability of communicated message. 

Aesthetical laminations

The packaging that you select is always perfect to showcase the premium nature of your products. It is the first impression of your products that consumers hold. They always link the quality of packaging with the premium nature of products. Always enhance the packaging feel as it sublimely communicates the premium nature of products to the consumers. You can use matte, UV, smudge-free, velvet-touch, and gloss laminations on these boxes to uplift the aesthetics and feel in the best way. It helps to enhance the perceived value of your products in the minds of consumers and uplifts the sales.   

Never overprint

One common mistake businesses make when printing the packaging is filling all the space. Overprinting is never a good option, resulting in a lack of appeal. It is always essential for you to not overprint the packaging as the clutter makes the packaging unappealing, and consumers do not purchase the products. Moreover, the space available on custom nail polish boxes is small, and printing excessive details will never be a good option. You can use minimal printing on these boxes and QR codes to communicate excessive information.   

Matte and plain

Endless customization and lamination options are available for these boxes, but they are usually high in cost. When it comes to making the packaging appealing and cost-effective at the same time, a minimalistic approach can always help you. You can keep the packaging matte and plain as it reflects the premium nature of products. You can also use printing to introduce your brand’s logo and bold typefaces to elevate the visuals in the most premium way.

In short, always focus on small aspects of nail polish packaging to make a great difference. Use premium materials and options and be minimal as it can help your brand grow in the best way.


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