6 Essential Fennel Seeds Benefits for Your Health


Fennel seeds, also known as Foeniculum vulgare or Saunf, are among the famous medical plants and are also considered a flavorful culinary herb. The seeds of the fennel are green and their flowers are yellow.

People, especially South Asian, are using fennel seeds for hundreds of years, they use it after every meal for fast digestion and refreshment. However, these seeds do not only contribute to digestion but also are essential for culinary practices. In addition, India is the biggest exporter of fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds are famous for their nutritional value and medical properties for improving health. According to a nutritionist from Quaid E Azam International Hospital in Islamabad, these seeds are packed with vitamin C, K, E, and several other minerals and antioxidants that maintain health and prevent several diseases.

Fennel Seeds Benefits

Here are some benefits of fennel seeds that will contribute to your health in a number of ways:

1- Contains Several Plant Compounds

No doubt, fennel seeds are beneficial for health in many ways but their most benefits come from antioxidants and other important plant compounds they contain.

In addition, the essential oil of fennel seeds is packed with more than eighty-seven volatile compounds, including rosmarinic acid and apigenin. Other polyphenol compounds in fennel seeds show anti-inflammatory properties that leave powerful effects on your health.

Medical studies show that people who consume diets such as fennel seeds that are full of antioxidants tend to experience lower risks of neurological diseases, heart problems, and type 2 diabetes. Other studies confirm that organic compounds in fennel seeds also possess antiviral and microbial properties.

Finally, there is also a compound in fennel seeds, known as limonene, that helps to fight free radicals and protects the cells of the body from damage caused by several diseases.

2- Beneficial for Heart Health

Consuming fennel seeds on a regular basis, especially after meals, can be beneficial for heart health because they are full of fiber, and this nutrient is responsible for reducing the risks of heart diseases and levels of bad cholesterol.

Additionally, to get more benefits, you can use other foods with fennel seeds that are also packed with fiber, and these foods will work wonders for your heart health. In this regard, a review of several studies found that a great intake of dietary fiber will lower the risks of heart problems.

When you consume seven grams of fennel seeds it reduces the risk of heart disease by nine percent. In addition, fennel seeds also contain other nutrients such as calcium and potassium which can also play an important role in improving your heart health.

3- Promotes Digestive Health

Fennel seeds play an important role in secreting digestive juices and enzymes that are beneficial for digestive health. Fennel seeds possess strong anti-spasmodic properties that will contribute to treating flatulence and heartburn. However, if you consume fennel seeds then they can also contribute to irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach problems like GERD. 

High contents of dietary fiber in these seeds can be effective in regulating bowel movements. Additionally, regular consumption of fennel seeds can also treat and prevent constipation. Fennel seeds can also work as an antacid for many people.

4- May also Benefit Breastfeeding Women

Fennel seeds also show galactogenic properties which means that these seeds can contribute to increased milk secretion. Doctors believe that fennel can also increase the levels of prolactin, prolactin is the hormone that is responsible for producing breast milk.

However, some other studies don’t agree that regular consumption of fennel seeds can increase milk secretion or infant weight gain. Additionally, some other negative side effects were also found in infants whose mothers were consuming fennel seed.

Due to these conflicting results, breastfeeding women need to use fennel seeds with professional consent if they are willing to use fennel seeds for improving their milk secretion.

5- Promotes Weight Loss

Fennel seeds, as mentioned above, are full of fiber that may aid in weight loss and can help you in controlling hunger in an effective way. Fennel seeds, in the body, work as diuretics and improve metabolism. When you consume fennel seeds with a balanced diet it helps you to lose more pounds in an easy way.

You can consume powder of roasted fennel seeds with water on an empty stomach to get maximum effects. Consumption of this powder helps you to stay full because these seeds also work as natural appetite suppressants. This effect will help you to achieve your goal of weight loss and avoid overeating.

6- Reduces Gas

Fennel seeds show many benefits for digestive health because they have antimicrobial properties and reduce gas effectively. These seeds improve digestive movement and avoid the buildup of excessive gas in the stomach and intestines.

The Bottom Line!

Fennel seeds can work wonders for your health if you consume them in appropriate amounts after every meal or drink coffee made of these seeds.

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