6 major developments in the industry of paper boxes


Technology has advanced much and has an influence in every field including packaging. This is true when it comes to paper boxes. There are major developments in this industry as well. The boxes can be gotten in the strength of your choice and be designed according to what will attract customers. They are versatile and can package a range of products. This is why they are popular as a packaging solution.

The following are 6 major developments in the industry of paper packaging:

Boxes can now be designed keeping the customer base in mind

Packaging manufacturers now know the importance of designing packaging keeping the target audience in mind. This is important if you want to attract those customers who want to buy the product. Sales increase in this way.

Paper boxes wholesale can be designed after knowing the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of the customer base. Packaging is now able to focus on creating something that consumers want.

For example, if your customers are mostly kids, the boxes can be bright, colorful, fun, and have pictures of popular cartoon characters printed on them. Packaging for adults will be more decent and sophisticated.

Custom size and shape boxes

It is now possible for paper boxesto be made into the right size and shape which will be perfect for the product. In this way, money is saved and the safety of the merchandise is ensured.

Previously some brands may have been getting boxes that were too large or too small for the product. Large packaging makes one waste money on extra packaging material and transportation costs. The product inside can move around and get damaged as well. A box that is too small is likely to break. This negatively impacts the product. Now custom shaped boxes can be gotten that fit the item in perfectly.

The shape of the box can be customized as well. Some businesses may want to get a unique shape that stands out. This is fine but the shape should not compromise on the safety of the item within.

Printing advancements

Printing options for packaging have also advanced making it simple to print on paper packaging. Therefore something unique can be created that can stand out on a store shelf and attract shoppers. Different colors, images, etc. can be printed easily on packaging.

This is important as it helps the box stand out in front of the competition. This is when it has been designed attractively. You can look at trends in the packaging of your product to get ideas. Choose colors that help give the message you want to give. Color psychology can be researched if you want to get ideas of what different colors mean.

Images should be added carefully as well. If you want to include one that is like the product, make it realistic so that consumers’ expectations are not hurt when the box is opened.

Can help market the product

Due to the advancements in printing, it is possible to use paper boxes wholesale to market your merchandise. You can help customers know about what you are selling by including details of the item on the box. The information you include on packaging matters as it lets people decide whether to buy the product.

Brands now know that adding too many details confuses them. Many different fonts can be selected nowadays. It is vital to choose an interesting one that is readable. Its size and color should be selected carefully also so that it is not difficult to read the details.

According to what you are selling, you will find out what to include on paper boxes. For example, a skincare product can tell what skin it is best suited to, its ingredients, when to use by, how to store it, warnings, ingredients, weight, etc.

A brand can even include the special features of its product on the box. These are the points that encourage people to want to get the product rather than the competition. For example, a food item may have ingredients that are good for health. You can give proof of this as it further emphasizes the point.

Deals and discounts may be conveyed with the help of packaging as well. They are what make people think that they are getting a benefit from buying the product.

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Increase brand awareness

Paper packaging can be used as a tool to increase brand awareness. This helps the business get established in the industry and shows it as a professional one. A brand can print a logo that is memorable and noticeable. This will be included in the packaging of all its products.

A business may also include the contact details of its company on the box. This lets it be easy for shoppers to contact them. The physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website of the business can be included on the box for this purpose.

Custom strength box

When it comes to cardboard, you can get the box in the strength of your choice. This is helpful as the right sturdiness material can be chosen. It will be the most perfect for what you are selling.

For example, if you want to place something lightweight in paper boxes wholesale, you can choose which ones to get that will be best for this.

The developments in the paper boxes industry have allowed businesses to be able to create boxes that are perfect for the product and consumer base as well. Therefore the packaging can keep the item safe whilst advertising it to those consumers who are looking for the product. Sales can increase in this way and a good impression of the brand will also be given.

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