6 Things to Keep in Mind When Taking a Road Trip to Vegas


No matter where you’re coming from, there are some must-knows when driving to Vegas. If you don’t do your due diligence, your trip could come out frustrating and even expensive. This is one of those experiences you want to be well equipped for and be (relatively) stress-free!

1. Traffic Laws

Sometimes traffic laws, and really all laws in general, vary from state to state. Nevada highway speed limits average around 70-75 miles per hour. In some areas, that speed limit may drop to 65 MPH or even 24-45 MPH when on the main strip. 

Vegas is highly patrolled and the likelihood of you getting a ticket when speeding is pretty high. It’s a risk you definitely don’t want to take. 

Additionally, the permitted alcohol content amount is like most other states, at a .08 threshold. Above this amount, means you should not be driving. In the case that you do, you’re at risk of a DUI, especially because Vegas is known to be rowdy – police officers are on the lookout. 

2. Being Down on the Strip

Driving and parking on the strip can be a hassle. With hundreds if not thousands of tourists on the streets at a given time, and a ton of cars to match, it is stressful. 

Avoid driving on the strip or downtown to keep from the increasing risk of accident or unnecessary stress, especially on vacation!  

Also, be sure to check ahead of time for parking garages and areas close to the destination for parking. Visit Vegas.com for parking garages, including Vegas.com. 

Run into trouble while visiting Las Vegas? Contact JT Legal Group for assistance. 

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Roads

Just like like you have alternative and back routes available at home, they’re also present in Vegas. When the freeway and main roads back up during busy times, you may want to take an alternative route to get around. 

Be sure to take time to learn the roads beforehand and plan a different route just in case. Nothing is worse than sitting in the car in traffic unexpectedly for hours, causing you to be late to a show or your dinner date. 

Try using Nevada dot to see current traffic conditions. Vegas roads run mostly the same as any other urban areas and are congested during 7-9 am and 4-6 pm. 

4. Find a Quality Towing Sevice

Find a good towing service before you leave home. You never know when something is going to break on a road trip, and it usually does it at the most inconvienent times. 

Look up reviews, call around on quotes, and have some sort of insurance policy just in case. Nothing is more stressful than breaking down in an unfamiliar area. 

Having some sort of mechanic in your pocket will ease your mind a little and take some stress off of an already stressful situation. 

5. Gas Prices

Just like in most areas, gas station prices vary based on their location. The closer to the strip, the more expensive the gas. You’ll want to download an app like Gasbuddy or Gas Guru to view pricing. 

Not a big tech person? Try to wait until you’re a few miles from the strip or popular areas as a rule of thumb. 

6. Great for Excursions

While most people visiting Vegas are there for the festivities in town, nearby are tons of worthy attractions too. 

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only16.5 miles from Vegas. It is the most popular destination for rock climbing in the United States. 

Valley of Fire State Park is 50 miles away. If you’re passing through either of these areas, the stop may be worthwhile! 

Additional attractions nearby include Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Hoover Dam. Plus, don’t forget Black Canyon and Emerald Cove, bordering Nevada and Arizona. 


No matter the trip you’re planning, it’s best to always have local knowledge and somewhat of a plan to go on. Vegas can be the best of times or the most stressful destination if ill-prepared. 

For the best trip, be sure to follow these tips and take some time to learn before heading out on the road! Being best prepared can mean great times all around 

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