How to cherry-pick the best MBA college on account of major performance metrics?



The range, diversity and number of MBA colleges in the country has been constantly expanding. Credit goes to the ecosystem of industry as well as the advances made in academics that has made this proliferation of MBA colleges possible. While there are a lot of benefits and advantages associated with the range of MBA colleges that have been set up, the consequential outcomes for students are very often contrary. This is because students need to select the best MBA college from some of the most competitive options which leaves them in a prolonged dilemma. For instance, there are many weekend MBA colleges in Bangalore and the selection of the best one is always a herculean choice for students to make. It is in this context that we mention some of the parameters and performance metrics of the best MBA colleges that can help students to cherry pick a college of their choice.

Learning outcomes

The first important thing that students should search for in a college is related to learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are the most important performance metrics in an MBA college. This gives an indication of the quality of education, training and skill development that is imparted to the students in the institution. This is also a pointer of the quality of human resource that is trained in the institution. It also signifies the commitment of the college authorities towards improving their educational standards.

When it comes to the post graduate degree in business administration, learning outcomes are extremely important as they need to be applied by the students during their stint at leading business organisations. It is in this context that learning outcomes heavily influence the choice of an MBA college you want to get into.

Infrastructural facilities

Infrastructure facilities are important as they demonstrate the overall platform that can be used by students for enhancing their business skills during their academic journey. Good infrastructure facilities are a testimony of the fact that the college is highly committed to qualitative teaching and practical training of students. For instance, a large number of MBA colleges host industrial cells within the campus that help students to develop an early exposure in business intelligence, business analytics and business management.

In these industrial incubation centres, students interact very closely with members of the business fraternity and get to know the rules of the game at an early stage. Therefore, we can conclude that infrastructural facilities are important metrics that need to be taken into account while choosing a perfect MBA college.

Experienced faculty

Experienced faculty members are an indication of the high level of teaching and training that is important in an MBA institute. In most cases, the faculty members who teach various courses in business administration are members of the business community who have made significant advances in the academic domain as well. This means that such business professionals often give up on their business practices and teach the students on a full time basis.

We conclude that they have a sufficient knowledge of the functioning of the entire business ecosystem. They also have the ability to impart a high level of skills to the students during a short span of time. With a blend of both theoretical and practical training, such experienced faculty members are able to groom a group of highly trained business professionals.

Course flexibility

Another important factor that needs to be looked at while choosing an MBA college is related to course flexibility. Course flexibility means that the institution should be able to provide both regular and weekend courses. Regular courses are usually suitable for professionals who cannot attend evening classes and weekend courses are suitable for such professionals who work as regular employees during the workdays.

Course flexibility also means the capacity of the institute to provide academic training, classes and other modules to the students with the help of an online platform. This is highly beneficial for working professionals who are not able to attend classes physically on a long term basis.

Placement prospects

Finally, students need to look into the placement prospects of an academic institute that provides post graduate courses in business management. Needless to mention, the most reputable academic institutes are the ones with great placement prospects. They hold the record of placing a large number of students in leading business organizations and companies across the world.

In addition to this, they also place the students in such companies that offer great lucrative packages. Such placement prospects secure the career of students at an early stage and ensure that there is not a long time frame between post graduate degree and entry into the business sector.


The above mentioned performance indicators serve as a litmus test to allow the students to narrow down on the list of options and cherry pick the best MBA college in the country.

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