6 Things to Know Before Your First Infrared Sauna Appointment


There are so many reasons why a sweat session in a sauna is a top relaxation option for many. Infrared saunas are becoming more popular because of their technology that heats the body through the light while keeping the environment heat-free. Here are six things you may want to know before going in for your first or next appointment in an infrared sauna. 

How Long Do I Stay In the Sauna?

You should gradually increase the time you spend in the sauna for safety. If you are a first-time user, you can use it for about 15-20 minutes the first few times and increase that to 30-40 minutes per session. The typically recommended period for an average user is not more than 45 min at a time. You can use the sauna twice a week but not twice a day. 

How Do I Prepare to Visit an Infrared Sauna near Me?

Before going into the sauna, make sure you have comfortable clothing, or if you prefer, you can go nude. Wearing simple clothes like a sports bra, vest, or shorts will not affect the effectiveness of the session. Make sure you are hydrated and avoid alcoholic drinks, which can speed up the dehydration process. Sit up straight to ensure the heaters are directed to the front and back of your body. Don’t carry your phone with you as the heat can affect your phone’s hardware. 

What is Aftercare?

After you have left the sauna, take about 5-15 minutes to cool off, depending on the length of your session. You can follow this with a cold or warm shower. Wear loose-fitting clothing because you may continue to sweat a bit after the session and will need comfortable breathable clothing. 

What is the Average Price?

Infrared saunas are relatively cheaper than traditional saunas since they take about 15-20 minutes to heat up. When looking for an infrared sauna near me, note that traditional saunas take 30-40 minutes which makes the running costs higher. Different spas have varied prices, but a single session costs about $40. Some spas charge less for the purchase of multiple sessions, for instance, $110 for 3 sessions and $185 for 5 sessions. 

Safety Precautions to Take 

Carry some water with you and sip after every 15 minutes to stay hydrated. Do not wear tight clothing for comfort and easy blood flow in the body. Avoid the sauna if you have irritated skin to avoid further damage. Watch out for some danger signs like lightheadedness, transient leg pain, and airway irritation which are abnormal for users. 

Benefits and Risks of Using an Infrared Sauna

Using an infrared sauna has benefits like better sleep and relaxation due to improved blood circulation. It is an excellent source of detoxification and weight loss. Users have also cited experiencing reduced soreness and pain in the joints and muscles. The risks include possible dehydration, dizziness, and overheating.

When going in for your next infrared sauna appointment, keep hydrated before, during, and after the session, which takes about 30-45 minutes. Make preparations by avoiding alcohol and keeping away your phone. Afterward, take a warm or cold shower and wear loosely fitting clothing. You may experience relaxation, better sleep, and reduced pain in your muscles and joints after the session.

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