Where to Put Salt Licks For Deer


Deer do not require salt licks during the winter, but in the spring and summer, they will be much more active. The best locations are active edges of the property and funnels in deer trails. The salt will be readily available to deer, and they will appreciate the opportunity to replenish their water supplies. A mineral lick is a great addition to a feeding station, but it is not necessary during the winter.

Salt Licks

Salt licks are popular among deer and should be placed in strategic areas to attract them. The question comes to mind is where to put salt licks for deer. The location of the salt lick should be a place that has low-level vegetation. If the area has a high concentration of grass, it is best to avoid it. The simplest way to attract a deer is to put out a shady spot in the woods. Then, scatter the salt mix on the ground.

You can put out a natural salt lick that is about 12 inches deep and 36 inches in diameter. To attract deer, fill the pit with the mixture and cover it with soil. The shady area should be kept free of debris and other obstacles, and you should monitor the behavior of the deer. Then, you can refill the shady spot with the salt. Once a deer finds the salt lick, it will come in handy again.


The size of a salt lick for deer depends on how big and deep it is. A typical lick is six feet by seven feet in diameter and is about 14 inches deep. The salt must be placed on the ground to keep it moist. If you have poor ground, you should add more than 50 lbs. of salt to keep it moist. After two months, you will see whitetails tearing up the lick.

The size of the salt lick for deer is 12 inches deep and 36 inches in diameter. It should be covered with soil, so that the deer will find it. It is a good idea to place the salt lick near a trail for ease of access. It will not compromise the natural habitat of the animals. The salt lick will attract deer by its strong sense of smell.


The location of a salt lick for deer should be protected from predators. Although it may be a nuisance for humans, deer will find the salt lick in their natural habitats. It is illegal to hunt over a salt lick, so make sure the location is safe. If the location is in an open field, it is important to place the lick at least 6 feet away from the trail.

Salt licks are a great way to attract deer to your property. They also make great food. You can buy a variety of salt licks to suit the environment. When should you put out a salt liquify your lawn and garden for maximum effect. The salt lick should not be disturbed during the day. Once the deer discover the location of the lick, they will be attracted to it and will begin to feed on it.

It is best to set up a salt lick near a deer trail, preferably close to the trail itself. By setting up a natural salt lick, you will not disturb the environment and will attract the deer to the lick. Moreover, deer will quickly find it and use it. If they don’t find it, the lick can be very dangerous for you.

A salt lick is an excellent deer attraction, and it should not be disturbed when it is used by the animals. Ideally, a salt liquify the ground with clay or sand that is easily accessible to the deer. A block is ideal for deer licking. There are several types of salt liquify and they all have different uses.

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