7 Marketing Strategies for Your CBD Store


The CBD market is showing no signs of slowing down as the demand for CBD products keeps increasing. It is predicted to surpass the $13 billion mark by 2028. While the future of the industry looks bright, marketing remains a challenge. 

From labelling to distribution, some of the restrictions on CBD are not well-defined. Yet, violating these rules could lead to costly penalties. 

We have researched some of the most effective marketing techniques to ensure compliance while promoting your CBD store. Here are seven marketing strategies for your CBD store.

1. Include a variety of CBD products for unique customer needs

From tinctures to gummies, there are products for customers of various age groups and profiles. Decide on your target customer and study their CBD usage habits. Use the information to make your CBD store suit their needs. Stock your CBD store with various CBD product options according to the preferences of your target customer. 

You may need to contact a recognized wholesaler like CBD gummies UK dealing 

from reputable and licensed brands.

2. Open an online shop

Setting up an online shop is as important as opening a physical shop for your CBD business. With an online store, you can display your CBD products, including the product description and price, so that shoppers can easily compare and ultimately select their favorite CBD product with ease. Ensure your online store has built-in SEO features which can help you optimize the website easily. There are various certifications for selling CBD products, depending on your location. Displaying your certifications assures customers that you are a legal CBD merchant selling approved CBD products.

2. Make SEO a priority

Search engine optimization is an area of digital marketing that involves applying a combination of techniques to make online content rank in search engines. There are over 1.8 billion websites globally, many of which are scrambling to be on the first page of search engines, including online stores. 

To apply SEO for an online CBD store, search for the keywords relevant to CBD. Optimize the product description and product images with relevant keywords. You may hire SEO specialists who can help you with keyword research and optimization, analytics, web page optimization, and backlinking for best results.

3. Invest in quality user experience

User experience determines how often or how likely people will patronize your online CBD store. When user experience is below par, it can result in high bounce rates. Start by creating an attractive user interface that would set your CBD store apart from thousands of competing CBD shops. Ensure that the website is easy to navigate and loads quickly. 

Furthermore, most people surf the internet with their phones. Make the online store responsive to function well on mobile devices, laptops, and internet TV sets of various screen sizes and resolutions. There are no limits to how much you can promote your CBD business when you have a website. 

4. Create a CBD blog

Blogging has become a central online marketing technique. There are over 6.9 million new blog posts daily, with over 2.5 billion blog posts published yearly. That speaks volumes of the importance of blogs to a website. Besides being one of the best online marketing strategies, you can use your blog to help customers understand CBD products better. 

Create a blog to publish content on how to identify, buy, use and preserve CBD products. While searching for CBD products can direct some people to your store, finding answers to CBD-related questions can also lead others to your store. You may hire seasoned content writers with a decent knowledge of CBD to handle the blogging aspect of your store.

Create a CBD blog


5. Exploit email marketing

When marketing CBD products or a CBD store, ensure that the recipient has an interest in CBD. Sending spam CBD marketing messages, especially to those who show no interest in CBD, can be offensive. However, email marketing typically targets those who have shown interest in your CBD store or products. Email marketing can help you target the ideal potential customers.

 Using an email marketing strategy can also help you stay in touch with your customers, sending them promotional offers occasionally. According to a report by SaleCycle, at least once a month, more than 50 percent of customers purchase a product after receiving a marketing email. 

7. Work with influencers

Marketing your CBD store through social media influencers effectively introduce your business to the world. Influencers are unique because people, especially their “followers,” find them to be relatable. Many influencers on various social platforms create content on CBD with thousands or millions of listeners and “followers.” These are the platforms to target. 

Thus, research some of the most “liked,” “viewed,” or “followed” influencers on social media who are dedicated to the CBD market. Contact the admin or influencer directly to discuss your vision and goals for the marketing project.

 Work with influencers



Marketing a CBD store can be tricky as CBD remains controversial across most regions. This applies to both online and physical CBD stores. While you employ the necessary marketing techniques, keep an eye on your competitors and find better ways to satisfy your current customers. Although direct marketing of CBD products is highly restricted, you can promote your CBD store ethically and still have a successful marketing campaign.

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