Why CBD is Booming in the Beauty Industry


With the ever-increasing need for people to make their skin glow, reduce signs of aging and keep their skin fresh, the beauty industry has seen a bump in demand for beauty products. A majority of these consumers, the youths, now go for buying CBD products with new and exciting ingredients that are natural. 

One of these ingredients is CBD (Cannabidiol), one of the active ingredients in medicinal cannabis. With increased publicity of the inclusion of CBD in oils and serums used on the skin, there is little wonder why the CBD industry is currently valued at $1.7 billion.

CBD: A Brief Intro

The second most active ingredient of the cannabis plant, CBD, has been reported to have potent anti-inflammatory and soothing abilities without the staggering side effects of hypnosis like THC. Since its legalization in the US and UK, the product has seen a rising demand for products. Many people use it for one issue or the other. It is believed that CBD can help with depression, anxiety, cure insomnia, relieve stress, and induce relaxation in users. However, the compound is not accepted in all countries.

Aside from its soothing abilities, CBD has been reported to contain essential vitamins, including A, D, and E, and fatty acids necessary for maintaining healthy skin. 

CBD and the Beauty Industry

As stated above, CBD is a significant component of essential skin-maintaining vitamins and fatty acids. Aside from this, its anti-inflammatory properties give it an edge in the fight against skin infections. This is also coupled with its neuroprotective and antioxidant abilities. It has proven effective in the treatment of skin allergies, making the skin glow. 

CBD has also been used aggressively to treat various skin issues, like acne, eczema, and others. Acne is a general skin problem that affects both the young and old, especially the young. Right now, there is no known cure for acne, but recent research shows that CBD may be the answer to the physical protrusion on the face and the painful feeling acne causes its host. It does this by inhibiting the growth of sebocytes, a powerful agent in the formation of acne, and reduces the spread of the agent among cells on the face.

With the known inflammatory action of acne on the face, including redness, CBD reduces its effects because of its anti-inflammatory actions. An application of CBD in a face cleanser, face mask, or lotion has shown a drastic reduction in the formation of acne on the face. For more insights on how CBD can help the skin, you can know where to buy delta 10 thc near me.

In addition, CBD has shown anti-aging capabilities in its users. Its antioxidative capabilities allow it to restore the elasticity of the skin. Its antioxidative compounds have been helpful in the fight for healthy and glowing skin. CBD can also reduce the oxidation of cells in compounds and prolong cells’ life cycle. 

According to findings published by the National Eczema Association, the treatment of Eczema has seen tremendous results, owing to the use of CBD in their treatment plans. Other diseases, including dermatitis, are also attacked aggressively with the use of CBD.

The use of CBD has been on the rise ever since its legalization in many states in the US. The stigma behind the use of hemp and its products has drastically reduced, as many people are open to the idea of using a derivative of cannabis on their skin. Besides, CBD also significantly helps hydrate the skin. This is a good and welcomed development for people who suffer from dryness of the skin.


Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay 

Application of CBD on Beauty Products

As with many beauty products, skincare products containing CBD are applied to the skin. Upon application on the skin, they do not move into the bloodstream directly and only affect the skin region. 

An application of CBD oil or serum on the face interacts with the receptors, primarily the endocannabinoid receptors located in the upper region of the skin. Other products, including capsules and different edible CBD, can be ingested. This class travels through the bloodstream to the endocannabinoid receptors underneath the skin, which takes care of internal microorganism infections responsible for the malfunction of the skin. 

CBD and its Future Prospects

With the entrance of CBD into the beauty industry and the overwhelming acceptance it has received, there is much to predict about the future dominance of CBD in the industry. As it stands, experts claim there is still much to tap from the potential CBD offer. 

There are more than 150 clinical trials on further uses of this derivative for the beauty and cosmetic industry. As the news that the FDA has approved the use of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy, other sectors are beginning to accept that CBD could become a widely used drug for various health issues. After the drug trials, more potentials of CBD will be brought to the limelight, and this compound will take precedence. Little wonder that analysts predict that the CBD industry could be worth $22 billion by the end of 2022. 


Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash


CBD as an extract from the cannabis plant continues to reveal its uses in the beauty world. Anti Aging capabilities, present antioxidative compounds have all seen the CBD being used as an active ingredient in the production of serums, face scrubs, lotions, and oils that are popular in making the skin glow and fighting off infections. 


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