7 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power in California


Over the last few years, the need for solar energy has skyrocketed as more and more people start to discover the benefits of having clean and renewable power sources. Working with a solar power company in California means that you get to reap the said benefits of this conventional power source. Here are 7 reasons why you should use solar power in California.

Why Should You Use Solar Power in California?

  1. Use underutilized land

With the continued research and development that is happening in the solar community, there have been ways that we could turn solar and make it more accessible. You would be able to use the land that is not being used and actually have use of it, which is where solar farms come in.

  1. Creating more jobs and economic growth

With our national economy, solar power would be able to help with it because it would be able to help in creating more jobs as the need for solar panels goes up. If this happens, it could help our economy to keep growing.

  1. Go off-grid

You would not have to depend on the grid when you have solar power since you would be able to gather your own electricity and power up your house without needing the grid. The cost of solar panels has been decreasing, so there isn’t an excuse not to go solar anymore. 

Using solar battery storage systems would allow you to store some of your electricity and use the electricity you have stored up at night.

  1. Grid security

If you are constantly experiencing blackouts and brownouts, you would be able to avoid that when you are using solar energy since you are not dependent on the grid. You would get to have greater grid security by giving all of your extra electricity back to the grid, where you could also be compensated when you do so.

  1. Free source of energy

Sunlight is a free-for-all use and the longer that you are using solar, the more benefits that you would be able to enjoy. You could use the sun for heating purposes, so you could get a solar thermal system and convert the sunlight that you are getting into these heating solutions.

  1. Good for the environment

Using solar power would be amazing for the environment because it is a clean and renewable source of power. You would be able to reduce your carbon footprint since there really isn’t anything in solar power that would pollute nature. It does not release any greenhouse gasses and it does not generally have to use other resources. It’s a step on the path of contributing to an insanely sustainable future.

  1. Less electricity loss

You get to really be in control of your own bills and the usage of your energy with solar because you are independent when it comes to your electricity. When you are relying on the grid, the electricity that you are using would have to be transported from all of these big power plants using extensive networks. You get to be more efficient with solar.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Solar?

Do’s of Solar

  • Look at the grants and schemes that you would be able to get because doing this would help you make great deals, save more money, and you would be able to get financial returns
  • When you are choosing an installer, you have to choose one that holds an MCS certified installer.
  • Make sure that there are no hidden costs and charges whatsoever.
  • Ask questions to your installer and look at all of the solar community online.
  • Check your roof and make sure that it would be able to support your solar panels.
  • Make sure that you keep your solar panels clean so that they will remain efficient.
  • For maintenance, use an expert solar maintenance provider.
  • Constantly monitor your batteries and the use of your electricity.

Don’ts of Solar

  • Do not settle for the first-ever quote that you receive. Do research, look into more solar installation companies, and compare quotes from these different companies.
  • In signing an installation contract, do not be pressured to sign it right away. Look over the contract, reflect on the quotes, and open your options.
  • Don’t worry about whether you live in a cloudy place because solar panels would still work even if the climate is cloudy because it does.
  • Don’t let the trees and shrubs cast a shadow on your panels.

Facts About Solar Power in California

Solar energy would have to be one of the most abundant energy sources in the whole world, and one hour of solar energy that would hit the surface of the Earth would be able to help with the consumption of everyone on the entire planet. This is why it is also the fastest-growing energy source that we have now, and there are about 2 million solar system installations in the United States of America alone. 

When you are talking about price, solar energy would have to be the cheapest source of energy in the world, and the cost of solar panels had dropped by 80 percent since the year 2008, and it is continually dropping. And the efficiency of solar panels that are being sold in the market right now falls between 15 percent to 20 percent. 

Even though it is cloudy, or even if the sunlight is not directly hitting the solar panels, it would still be able to produce power, though not as efficiently as it is when it is hit by direct sunlight. And the sunlight that is captured by your panels would be converted to usable electricity that you could use to power your entire home, effectively giving you the chance to be independent of the grid.

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