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High CPU Temperature? 7 Ways to Reduce CPU Temperature

A brand-new computer gives you the ultimate performance however as and when we use it, the performance starts dipping down. Everything requires maintenance! As you take care of your car, your computer also needs tune-up and optimization to deliver the best ever performance. There are different types of issues related to a computer and one of them is high CPU temperature.

Now, if you are wondering why is my CPU temp so high, you must know that there are different reasons responsible for that. This article will help you to understand how to reduce CPU temperature and if you have reached the max CPU temp. these quick steps will also give a boost to your PC performance and ensure that your PC performs as good as new.

Why is My CPU Temperature so High?

There can be various reasons behind high CPU temperature.

· A serious malware infection can also eat up all your RAM and can result in high CPU temperature.

· Multitasking is another main reason for high temperature. If you open too many tabs on Google Chrome or open multiple programs at a time, you may reach out max CPU temp.

· Audio Video streaming can also cause high CPU usage and can heat up your computer.

· Gaming is the most common reason for heating computers as it utilizes high CPU usage and Memory utilization.

Is Max CPU Temp Harmful?

If you have reached the CPU temperature limit, you are risking your computer. Your computer can crash or it may damage the motherboard. Microsoft operating system is designed in such a manner that if the CPU temperature is too high, it automatically shuts down the computer. But if it doesn’t shut down, you may end up compromising your hardware. If you smoke up your motherboard and/or CPU, it’s better to go for a new computer.

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Ideal CPU Temperature

The Ideal CPU temperature ranges between 45 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius. If you are gaming, the temperature may go up to 75-80 degrees. That is the reason gamers configure multiple fans and cooling systems so that they don’t smoke it up. Games put a log of pressure on the CPU, GPU and Memory that result in high CPU temperature. Every gamer uses temperature monitoring software for Windows to keep a close eye on CPU temperature.

7 Best Ways to Reduce CPU Temperature

Here are the most efficient ways on how to reduce CPU temperature and regain performance.

1.  Allow Proper Airflow

If your CPU temperature is high, the easiest step you can perform is to open the CPU tower cover. Give it a proper airflow and wipe off the dust around the CPU fan. The airflow plays a major role in reducing high CPU temperature.

2.  Apply Thermal Paste on CPU

If you know how to tear down your computer tower, you can visit your nearest local technician and ask for the thermal paste or order it online. Apply the thermal paste on the dried-out area of the CPU chip. If you are not sure where to apply and how much to apply, you can either take help from YouTube or visit a local technician.

3.  Give it Perfect Space

It is easy to make proper room for your computer tower and keep it somewhere where it can find the perfect vent. Proper airflow and room temperature also play a major role in keeping it cool. That is the reason every ATM centre has AC installed in it because the computer needs proper cooling.

4.  Upgrade PSU and Case Fan

CPU high temperature reduction

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) also plays a major role as the cables are properly arranged and it doesn’t mess up with the airflow. If your CPU cooler is not able to reduce high CPU temperature, it is suggested to get dual case fans to give proper airflow and keep it cool. A dual computer case fan gives proper ventilation to the CPU and helps in controlling the temperature. Laptop users can use the best cooling pads available in the market.

5.  Use CPU Temp Monitor

CPU temp monitor

A brand-new PC or a regular computer doesn’t require a CPU temp monitor however if you use the CPU to extreme levels, you must use a CPU temp monitor to continuously keep an eye on the high CPU temperature. Core Temp, HWMonitor, HWiNFO, Open Hardware Monitor, or Real Temp are a few of the best temperature monitoring software for Windows.

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6.  Use Resource and Performance Monitor

how to use Resource and Performance Monitor

Microsoft Windows has an inbuilt utility to check CPU temperature and benchmark the performance of your hardware. You can easily access it by clicking on the Start button, type perfmon in the search bar and Run as Administrator. Expand reports > System > System Diagnostics and go through the system report. Learn about all the devices like CPU performance, GPU performance, RAM, and other hardware performance.

7.  Kill Unwanted Tasks

Method to reduce CPU temp

If your CPU is not supporting multitasking, it is advisable to kill unwanted processes and tasks. You can easily check this in the Windows Task Manager and End Tasks from there. Right-click on the Task Bar and click on the Task Manager option at the bottom. It will show you all the running processes.

How to reduce laptop temperature

Check out the Apps that are running on your computer and the Background Processes that are utilizing CPU and Memory. Select the unwanted apps and click on the End Task button at the bottom. This will bring in more space and memory for important programs to execute swiftly.

Summing Up

This article on how to reduce CPU temperature is helpful for those who face high CPU temperature issue with their device. Here you have explored reasons and the best solutions to fix high temp CPU. If these tricks are not helpful, consider replacing your hardware that is not meeting the minimum requirement. Keep a constant check on high CPU temperature and make use of the best temperature monitoring software for Windows on top10pcsoftware. Happy Computing & Keep it Cool!

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