Tue. Oct 26th, 2021
    comforter or duvet

    After a long day, having a calming, relaxing place to sleep is essential. Experts say that you spend about one-third of your life in your bed, so why not create a space that brings you peace. We put together 8 tips on creating your bedroom oasis.

    1. Clean and Declutter. It’s hard to put your mind at ease when your room is dirty and messy. Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli which causes our senses to work overtime to try to take everything in. It distracts us from focusing on the important things, especially relaxing. 
    • Upgrade Your Linens. What says luxurious more than sheets with a great thread count. For sheets that are durable and comfortable look for a thread count that is between 300 – 600. You can also look at upgrading your comforter or duvetto something you want to curl up in.
    • Use Colors that Calm You When Decorating. Did you know that colors have a powerful effect on moods and reactions? Colors invoke different feelings, but it’s not always the same in everyone. For some hues of blue are calming, which others find those colors more depressing. It is important to know what colors calm you and use those in both wall color and art/accents. Learn more about color psychology with this blog from VeryWellMind, “Color Psychology: Does it Affect How You Feel”.
    • Creating a Reading Nook. Lounging in your bed may not always be a good idea, so if you have the space, create a comfortable nook to read and listen to music. The best place by a window so you can enjoy the natural light and view. If you are purchasing a new chair look at ones that are overstuffedor that recline for maximum comfort. Also, we suggest purchasing a small nightstand to keep all your books and such tucked away.
    • Get the Right Mattress. How well your mattress suits you can drastically affect how well you sleep. A poorly supporting mattress can lead to muscle strain and back and joint pain. If you and your spouse prefer different firmness levels then we suggest getting a brand that you can adjust the levels of each side independently. And if you haven’t replaced your mattress in over 10 years, listen to the experts and get yourself a new one!
    • Adjust Your Lighting. Harsh artificial lighting can take away from the relaxation quality of your bedroom. Most bedroom have a ceiling fan with a multiple lighting head fixture, but this may be too harsh, or you may not want to light the whole room. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, we suggest positioning softer lighting like lamps and sconces in key areas around the room for a more mellow ambiance.  
    • Bring in Some Greenery. You rarely see plants in a bedroom but it is a great way to add color, texture and produce oxygen that can help you sleep better.
    • Get a Diffuser. Certain aromas have the ability to calm and relax, such as lavender, valerian, jasmine, and more. A diffuser allows you to mist your room with a calming aroma helping you to relax and destress. Learn more about calming aromatherapy options by reading the blog by Healthline, “The 18 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety.”

    If you need help creating the perfect bedroom oasis let our on-staff interior designer help. We are happy to schedule an in-home consultation to learn more about your project and how we can help. You can also stop by our location in Allen Park, MI to browse our selection of furniture and accessories.

    By Alex Walker

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