8 Ways to Look Like a Millionaire, Even If You’re Not


Maintaining a Social status at this time is highly important, Not just because you live in a world of incompetency. Still, a group of people also regards your existence based on your social status and recognition and not your credibility. With the scarce resources, it is quite difficult for the Credible people to maintain an Aura for survival in society. With such regard, we have come across some temporary resolution that would complement your personality in the society, And portray your character as a millionaire even if you are not.

  1. Get some nice clothes

Expensive clothing doesn’t compel you to order a tuxedo worth $500, But it surely does not mean to spend all your money on buying polo shirts and baggy pants and roam around in Flip Flops with a cigarette in hand. It indeed comforts you but does not throw an Aura of your personality on others. If  suits are not an option ,then getting your hands on good clothes is very important to grab the eyeballs at a party. Going for the promotional sales set by the Hefty brands might help you get some nice clothes.

  1. Buy a Classic Watch

Wearing a watch, do throw an impression on your colleagues and social gathering. There is always a standard consideration about wearing a watch.” An expensive watch depicts how important your time is. “ While wearing no watch at all shows that you are not regarded to hold a credible position in society. 

  1. Buy some nice shoes and upgrade your haircut.

It is not always important to have a professional Haircut from Toni & Guy every month. That indeed would be a burden in your pocket. It entirely depends on how you carry your hair and beard, but walking around with a shiny face does depict a millionaire look.Moreover, having your feet in a nice pair of shoes also holds great importance among the people in society. Shoes are the first thing that draws an individual’s attention and would even drive them to judge your personality. Wearing Flip flops on a jacket and pants shows your character to be complex.

  1. Get some cufflinks

Cufflinks are the easy way out to name yourself with the tag of a millionaire. There’s nothing like you had to be born with a golden spoon or win an online lottery ticket to have your hands on Tommy Hilfiger’s or Macy’s cufflinks. They quickly fall within the average prices, and even if it doesn’t, their seasonal sales would be an excellent opportunity for you to have your hands on the customized cufflinks box depicting your true personality in the official meetings. 

  1. Get some nice pens and business cards.

Similar to the aforementioned hefty elements, there are some essential factors to keep in consideration. These factors are very minimal in nature, but it does throw a significant impact on the person that you are in conversation with. Among them, an aesthetically designed business card and a customized pen with a name carved in it do throw a great impression of your personality on the group of people you are involved with. 

  1. Keep your car clean and service it regularly.

A man is known by the company he keeps. Similarly, consideration goes for the things as well and when it comes to the things he owns. Their mode of convenience first falls on the car they use. With a current standard among the car owners Affordability and comfort are regarded to be a primary focus, May it be Mercedes EL450 or having a Kia Picanto in your garage? All need regular service and maintenance. That gives your personality the regard of a millionaire. 

  1. Treat yourself to some excellent meals.

Having quality food is not only important for maintaining a class but also for your health. Being a millionaire does not always mean having your hands on Lamb stew, Shrimp soup, or a steak. That’s really a misconception. Even a bowl of proper steamed rice and veggies would compliment you as a millionaire, but it’s essential for a person to order the food that best suits the environment. Having a raw egg and bacon sandwich on the picnic might surprise the people with your personality.

  1. Get Free of Body Odour 

Body Odour might be a factor for people to get distant from your company. Be it any circumstances,  the changing face expression is always unpleasant for anyone. With such regard, people are not very much familiar with the fragrance you apply, be it Dior cologne or the local body spray, the odor should be pleasant enough to attract people towards your company. 

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