8 Wedding Cake Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2021


Because weddings are such a special occasion, several new trends set by emerging bakers are taking over the market. By now, 2021 has shown to be an unpredictable year, but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of those who lived through it. Wedding fashions change from year to year, and wedding cakes, which are a vital feature of any wedding, change with the times. Bakers have elevated the delicious cakes to new heights in 2021. Because most couples have an intimate wedding, some have even reduced the size of the cake while maintaining its heavenly and lip-smacking flavour. Simple tiered wedding cake trends are one-of-a-kind, but bakers are reinterpreting the traditional style with their distinctive spin. The replacement of traditional, ethnic catering with designer cakes is becoming more common. 

Couples nowadays prefer to follow the latest fashion, so they order themed cakes online or something else in style. As it is 2021, buy cakes online is a simple option, but deciding which cake to order is a challenge. Consequently, allow us to educate you on the latest wedding cake trends that you should be familiar with by 2021.

Hand-Painted Works of Art

Just like we paint our lives with love, this cake has been hand-painted with edible colours to give it a beautiful appearance suitable for a wedding reception. Whether you are having a little or sizable opulent wedding, this cake is suitable for any occasion where a wedding is taking place. Watercolour detailing has gained popularity over time, and as a result, it is the most popular cake you will find in the 2021 wedding cake trends.

Multi-Tier Cake with a Slightly Thinner Top

However, as the guest list has shrunk and only a small number of people are attending weddings in 2021, bakeries have developed a skinnier multi-tier cake exclusively favoured by guests and couples. As a result, you can also choose a multi-tiered online anniversary cake delivery that is skinnier; this is a stunning wedding cake.

Isomalt Design with Translucence

Isomalt is a sugar replacement with a shiny and translucent appearance and is particularly suitable for baking. This cake is at the top of the list because it represents the future of innovation and creativity. In addition, the cake is topped with translucent isomalt, which provides the cake with a unique design and leaves guests in a state of astonishment. Although few people are aware of the method, it is another dessert becoming increasingly popular in wedding cake trends.

Sweet Confections in a Variety of Flavors

When served, a cake at the bottom with macrons or brownies on the top appears to be extremely sweet and delectable. Another cake in the latest wedding cake trends is a mixture of delicious confections that has captured the hearts of many couples, who have decided to include it as part of their wedding celebration. This is a combination of single tier cake and wedding cake alternatives, which is hilarious in and of themselves.

Architectural Design 

Unlike other cakes, this is unique in that it is all chocolate, rather than the traditional white cake, and it has several layers and exquisite architectural motifs on it. No, the circular shape of the cake is influenced by modern art, but the cake shape itself is as well. So, if you are a fan of contemporary architecture, this cake is exactly what you’ve been looking for on your wedding day.

Cake with a Beautiful Floral Design

A flower cake is becoming increasingly fashionable in many nations, whether you are getting engaged or having your wedding reception. When it comes to wedding cake trends, the most magnificent cake to look forward to is one that is decked out in floral sugar decorations. The use of edible flowers and petals to embellish the cake gives it a royal appearance. It is most appropriate for small, personal weddings, but you may also use this extravagant cake for large, extravagant weddings.

Buttercream Accents 

Even though some couples have begun altering this cake because they believe it is distinctive from others. Not everyone can master buttercream detailing, a complicated design that takes time and effort to master. Some experts believe that buttercream may perform miracles and that some creative designs created with buttercream will usher in a new era of wedding cake trends shortly.

Miniature Cakes

Small regular cakes, mini cakes, and single-tier cakes for small weddings and parties are becoming increasingly popular due to COVID-19 regulations. Given the limits and that only a limited number of guests can be invited, people have adjusted their preferences away from large, multi-tiered cakes and toward compact, single tier cakes with gracefully arranged toppings. Consequently, another cake in the current wedding cake trends is the tiny cake, which you may want to consider.

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