A Fascinating History of Poppers


Poppers is a slang word for amyl nitrites that was historically inhaled by the gay community for recreation during sex. Poppers cause an immediate increase in the heart rate and blood flow in the body, producing a sensation of the heart that causes excitement. The drug was packed in small glass vials that were mesh-covered, which were crushed by thumb and fingers the vapour of poppers inhaled. They were called poppers because of the sound they produced when they were being crushed.

Overview of what poppers are

Amyl nitrite is the most common type of popper, which is mainly confused by amyl nitrate, which is a different chemical. Poppers UK also have different terms such as heart medicine, butyl nitrite, liquid gold and room deodorizer. Although the drug is used for heart conditions, the drug is used to treat cyanide poisoning. They are widely used for recreational purposes for gay scenes, and it is mostly inhaled. A bottle of poppers should never be left open with the hope to deodorize your room. It could be harmful.

Use of poppers

Despite the drug being rarely used to treat heart conditions, amyl nitrite has been used to treat cyanide poisoning. They are mostly used for recreational purposes, especially on gay scenes and taken in fumes directly from the small bottles. Poppers are easy to access since they are sold as room deodorizers or sex enhancers. Using poppers has been found to carry significant risks to human beings.

Poppers are also common among people who desire to get an immediate 

rush or a sensation of intense euphoria, relaxation and mood elevation.

Effects of poppers and side effects

  • Euphoric effects

Poppers have a recreational effect on people. The drugs bring about euphoric effects and, in most cases, act as sex enhancers for people by relaxing anal muscles.

Poppers usually act as vasodilators meaning they expand blood vessels; by using poppers, the dilated blood vessels will cause:

  • Dizziness
  • A drop in blood pressure
  • Increase in heart rates
  • Having a light head
  • Constant warm sensations in the body
  • Sometimes when the blood pressure drops very low, users might experience loss of consciousness and fainting.
  • Since poppers are effective for relaxing anus muscles, using poppers enhances pleasure during anal sex, although it is said to cause a reduction inability to get an erection.

Other unwanted effects

Regular headaches due to the fact that poppers cause vessels in the brains to become wise, they bring about headaches. These headaches vary with intensity after the euphoric effects wear off.

  • Respiratory problems

While inhaling these strong chemicals, the breathing system is at risk, and it can easily affect breathing and other respiratory functions, thus leading to wheezing and sinus problems.

  • Allergic reactions

For people who are allergic to strong fragrant chemicals, using poppers will bring about allergic reactions.

Who uses poppers

Previously, doctors used to prescribe poppers to patients with heart problems. As of now, it is used to treat people with cyanide poisoning.

The LGBTQ community is linked with the use of poppers, and this is because poppers relax muscles during anal sex and is also common for heightening sexual orgasms and arousal.

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