A Guide to Escape Rooms in Glasgow


Escape rooms are a popular trend in the entertainment industry, but many people aren’t sure how they work. That’s why we’ve created this guide to escape room Glasgow to help you understand what goes into these immersive games and how to succeed at them!

An Introduction

If you’re new to escape room games, we invite you to try out our fun and exciting game here at Xcape Room. Don’t know what an escape room is? Essentially, it’s a real-life puzzle that requires players to work together, investigate clues and solve puzzles. Escape rooms can be as simple or as complex as you like. Generally, though, players are presented with a scene from which they must work their way out by following clues and solving riddles.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

Escape rooms are a new trend in gaming that is sweeping across Europe and North America. People love them because they’re fun, addicting, and offer something different than your average video game or board game. If you want a taste of an escape room adventure without actually going inside one, read on!

Escape Rooms Offer Fun Team Building Exercises

Escape rooms offer a fun new way for businesses to conduct team-building exercises. The best escape rooms can challenge even experienced players, and escaping within 60 minutes is often tough for teams who aren’t particularly practiced. While there are dozens of escape rooms across Scotland—and an increasing number of companies running these events—it’s not always easy finding a great game if you don’t know where to look.

The History of Escape Games

Escape games are a relatively new craze, but their history goes back over a century. The idea for escape games was originally conceived by M. Auguste Dupin, one of literature’s most famous detectives. In Edgar Allan Poe’s 1841 short story The Murders in Rue Morgue, Dupin explains that he can solve any mystery by finding and observing every piece of evidence; it’s merely a matter of connecting those pieces together to form a solution.

How To Play An Escape Game?

When you’re ready, your room awaits. It may not look like much from outside—just a nondescript door on a street corner—but inside, it’s transformed into an adventure zone. You might be locked in a bank vault or trapped inside an underwater cave-in; perhaps you’re being held hostage by a serial killer or on trial for your life. Your team will have one hour to work together and escape!

What Makes Our Games Different From Other Rooms?

Our goal at Xcape Room is to build immersive experiences with puzzles that not only keep you entertained, but also challenge your perception of reality. We don’t use technology like motion capture, nor do we want you staring at a screen. The most important part of our games is immersion, which means we design our puzzles and rooms specifically for each experience.

How Big Are The Rooms?

Escape rooms can be as small as 4-5 square meters, or up to 20 square meters. It all depends on how many players there are and how complex you want your challenge to be.

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