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How important lamps are to the look of a home cannot be overstated. While you may have designed and decorated your rooms with taste and care, you will find that lighting will ultimately contribute to how rooms are perceived by others.

Choosing the right lamp for your home requires thought and knowledge of the options and features available. Given the availability of different types of lamps and lighting options such as floor lamps, table lamps, orientalische lampe, recessed lighting, reading lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps and chandeliers, this becomes even more important.

When choosing lamps, you must observe and decide what you need the lamps for. What activities or tasks will be performed in a particular room, and what kind of lighting do you need to provide so that the tasks can be completed successfully? Will the room be adequately lit by the lamp of interest? Do you need to draw attention to a particular design or object? What mood do you want to create? These are the type of questions you will have to answer before making a choice.

Typically, lamps are used in three ways. They provide light for certain tasks such as reading, sewing, and cooking. Typically, lamps of this type, commonly referred to as work lamps, should be bright. Lamps also provide diffused light in rooms so that people can move around and observe objects and other people. The ambient lamps also set the mood in the room. These lamps do not have to be as bright as work lamps. Thirdly, lamps can be used to draw attention or draw attention to an area or object. These lamps are known as accent lamps. But usually, in order to save space, most fixtures can be multifunctional and used in all three ways mentioned above.


We will now look at some of the lighting options available.

Floor lamps are a great source of ambient light and can also act as accent lamps. They can also illuminate certain tasks if placed correctly. They come in a wide variety of brands, sizes and styles. When choosing a floor lamp, it is important to consider where you want to place it, what kind of light it will emit, and how much space it will take up.

Table lamps have one feature that sets them apart from other types of lamps; they are very portable. Table lamps can easily function as desk lamps, ambient lamps, and accent lamps. They can also be used for decorative purposes even when not in use. orientalische lampen are usually adjustable and their lampshades can also be changed as needed.

Hanging paper lanterns, while extremely decorative and a great space saver, may not suit all tastes. However, if you look closely enough and if you are determined enough, you can find or create one that will match the look of your room. They are good for general lighting since they don’t take up floor space at all, they are great for places in the house where people gather.

Wall lights and regular pendant lights can be used for both general lighting and accent lighting. They come in a wide variety of types and can be made to match any decorative style you need. They don’t take up floor space either.

Most of the mentioned and not mentioned types of lamps can be turned into decorative elements by changing their hue, brightness, color and size. Lampshades that can be made in a variety of styles, from time-honored Tiffany to Mica to contemporary. You can adopt these styles by changing their patterns, colors, and materials. The type of lamp, whether incandescent, fluorescent, or LED, can also affect the brightness, color, size, and power consumption of lamps. You should also pay attention to stands and brackets to get the most out of decorating your lamps.

Replacing light bulbs or lamps is a fairly common job, but there are surprisingly many different lamp solutions that suit or improve your energy efficiency or the look of your interior. The following is a general guide to lamps and light bulbs for domestic and commercial applications.

LOW VOLTAGE HALOGEN LAMPS: Low voltage halogen lamps provide crisp white light, fine beam adjustment and high light output and are widely used in commercial display and backlight applications. With the added benefits of long life and energy efficiency, low-voltage halogen lamps are also a great alternative to incandescent lamps for residential accent lighting.

MAINS VOLTAGE HALOGEN: Line voltage halogen lamps provide crisp white light and fine beam adjustment like their low voltage equivalents, but without the transformer, ideal for domestic and residential applications.

FLUORESCENT LAMPS: The use of fluorescent lamps in commercial and residential applications offers significant energy savings over traditional incandescent lamps with the added benefit of higher light output, superior light quality and longer life.

MERCURY LAMPS (MBF): Mercury lamps produce a pleasant white light with relatively good color rendering, similar to halophosphate white light fluorescent lamps. Their long life, low cost and reliability make them a popular choice for industrial indoor lighting and low power spotlights.

LOW PRESSURE SODIUM (SOX): Low pressure sodium lamps, better known as SOX lamps, have the highest efficiency of all gas discharge lamps. The light provided is a monochromatic orange-yellow, which means they have poor color rendering and most objects look like various shades of gray. SOX lamps are mainly used in street lighting.

GLS LAMPS: GLS lamps are widely recognized as market leaders in quality, performance and selection. The range includes extended life lamps, standard lamps and colored lamps in 3 sizes suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

COMPACT FLUORescent LAMPS: Compact fluorescent lamps provide energy savings over linear fluorescent lamps in shape and size similar to standard incandescent lamps, combined with the added benefits of high power, high efficiency and excellent color rendering. Products in this section are subject to WEEE regulations.

COLOR LAMPS: Colored lamps have a heat-resistant internal coating for long-lasting color, unlike many externally coated lamps currently available. They provide strong vibrant colors and value for money for applications such as decorative garlands, Christmas trees and other holiday applications.

HIS DISCHARGE LAMPS: Discharge lamps meet the most typical modern requirements such as retail, industry and flood lighting. Discharge lamps offer varying levels of efficiency and color rendering, so care must be taken when choosing a lamp to ensure it meets the requirements of the application. Products in this section are subject to WEEE regulations.

DISPLAY LAMPS: Reflector lamps are the clear market leader due to the quality, range and performance they provide, for applications such as disco or shop window lighting, and for commercial and industrial heating using infrared reflective lamps.

LUXURIOUS LAMPS AND LAMPS: Luxurious lamps are suitable for a wide range of decorative purposes, many with double life and built-in fuses as standard. Luxurious lamps include: Candle lamps are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes – a luxurious product for everyday use. Torch or Lantern Flame lamps are original and fun. Candlesticks are great for vintage interiors.

SPECIAL LAMPS/LAMPS: Special lamps or lamps are specially designed and manufactured for specific applications, from rugged heavy duty lamps to infrared heating lamps. Specialized lamps may include:

ROUGH SERVICE – Rough Service lamps are vacuum lamps with long filaments and multiple supports to withstand shock and vibration. Typical applications are factories, workshops, inspection lights and places subject to strong vibrations.

NIGHT LIGHT – Night light lamps provide a subdued light ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and hospitals, with the added benefit of only 10 watts of power consumption.

MUSHROOM – An interesting and attractively shaped lamp with a pure white opaque finish, ideal for use where the lamp is visible or part of the design of the luminaire.

FIREGLOW – fire lamps are widely used in decorative lights. They are covered with a red fade-resistant lacquer to preserve the decorative effect. For particularly hot conditions, lamps with colored glazing are recommended.

INFRARED EXTENDED LIFE – Infrared lamps use the large amount of energy emitted by incandescent reflector lamps to provide an extremely useful commercial or industrial heating lampes turques.

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