All You Want to Know about Micro Influencers


Since it goes on to play a main role in many marketing strategies, influencer marketing has not really been left out of such an innovation conversation. It is somewhat good news for the ones who thrive off change. However, it could be bad news for those who find it challenging to keep up with new phrases, terms and even that of services.

Meaning of Micro Influencer in simple words?

Different platforms and people have different definitions for this term. However, it has mostly been seen that these micro influencers are the ones who have one thousand followers to three thousand followers.  But again, it could be little more or less. Of course, you can use the best micro influencer platform and ensure that you make the most of them. 

You know what, mostly influencers were not really being noticed until they had touched well over 50,000 followers. It has been for the reason because the term ‘influencer’ and the advantages that they can bring was still fresh to everyone. Then, brands, businesses and likely even creators themselves were under the impression that the more followers you possessed the better. And, though there is no such thing as too many followers, what many individuals were yet to learn was that there was quite more that might be done with the ones with a smaller following.

Even when the term micro-influencer was lately brought into the mix, there was not just a hike in new online creators, but it altered the way brands approached influencer marketing, deciding instead to work with manifold micro-influencers rather than that of one big name. Of course, you can also choose and decide what would work for you.

Their Followers are like Friends 

You know what there have been surveys that show most of the micro influencers have their followers as their friends.  It is the reason that they have formed a relationship constructed on trust, friendship and even that of honesty with their followers. Though it does not really mean that the other followers are not effective and all, but the point is micro influencers have followers who are friends with them and even have words with them. So, the chances of genuineness of followers and then conversion into sales is on the higher side.

Actually, whether you admit it or not, everyone loves the contentment that comes when someone well-known recognizes a tweet or comment you have made. And, since the micro-influencers have a smaller number of followers, they are in a position to manage and interact with their followers in this way a lot more easily than anyone with millions can. So, don’t you feel that there is more power to such a thing?


So, you can check out the best social media platforms for influencers and ensure that you pick the right one for your business sales and growth. Once you invest in the right things, you reap the right perks. At the end of the day, it is all about what is proper as per your specific needs.

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