Awami Residential Complex in Blue World City


A TMA approved low-cost property development. In April 2020, the ARC for Lahore & Islamabad was unveiled. On central Multan Road, near Lahore Ring Road, the position is intended to create the most convenient housing estate in Lahore. Studio flats, 1-bed & 2-bed community flats, 3-Marla Awami property, and Duplex Villa are among the housing configurations available at this budget-friendly new housing. These flats and plots can be purchased for a modest price with a 5-year payment plan. The Awami Complex is a residential development that has been approved by the Town Municipal Administration (TMA).

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Developers & Owners:

In 1989, the Blue Group of Companies was founded. Initially, the company’s headquarters were in Lahore, where it only supplied design and development services. Mr Saad Nazir, a strategist, has taken the proper moves to steer BGC in the correct direction. The Imperium Group of Companies was established in 1999 and has since grown to become a renowned real estate and development firm. It is currently well-known in Pakistan as a result of its commitment to its field & work ethic. A group of international plus local expertise make up this worldwide property development enterprise.


The Awami Residential Complex (ARC) in Lahore is situated on Service Avenue, with easy accessibility from Canal Boulevard as well as Raiwind Road. The ARC is located directly adjacent to Bahria Town in Lahore. The ARC is in such a good position that reputable real estate buyers are compelled to engage in these TMA-approved dwelling units without reservation. The Awami Residential Complex may be reached easily and quickly from any major Lahore area.

Approval of the No-Obligation Certificate (NOC):

BGC Awami Residential Complex is a housing community that has received 100% approval. The Awami Complex is a residential development that has been approved by the Town Municipal Administration (TMA). Official letter of permission no. 241-MO Plan 20 (05-03-2020). The TMA department can additionally verify this verification for the customers.

Regarding Awami Residential Residences

The Awami Residential Flats will be marketed in a limited number of units. This project could be referred to as a humanitarian housing project. This is because of the total number of flats available; 50% are designated for government workers, 40% for the open public, and 10% are allocated for retired troops and widowed. The units of Awami Residential Complex come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Awami Complex is a well-planned & structured housing community that primarily serves the low-income portion of society’s housing needs. The Awami dwelling complex’s budget-friendly housing flats are particularly offered under the Prime Minister’s objective of low-cost dwelling facilities for the underprivileged.

Different kinds of Awami Housing Flats:

  • Studio apartments
  • 1-bed family apartments
  • 2-bed family apartments
  • 3-Marla Awami property
  • 3-Marla Awami property

Important Characteristics:

The Blue Town Awami Complex provides a range of nice features at a minimal price to the low-income portion of the community.  The below are the characteristics of ARC:

  • Apartments at a low cost
  • Apartments of the highest quality
  • Exceptional Location
  • Housing units that are legal and approved
  • Easy instalment plans

To Sum It Up

It is the most acceptable investment or dwelling option for interested inhabitants and investors because of the top amenities at easy instalment plans. Since its inception, this gated community in a great Lahore location has been a magnet for low-income residents. Blue World City Awami Complex is, without a doubt, the best and most economical option for purchasing a residential property. It is nonetheless conveniently located, and it is also a well-known developer’s venture. As a result, you can buy a home with confidence. The Blue Group of Companies is well noted for their outstanding construction projects. It’s also inside Blue World City, which is already a first-rate housing development in Islamabad. Overall, investing in the Awami Complex and purchasing future memberships will be a beneficial alternative.

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