Basic Electronic components list: Know their types and functions


These days, there are present thousands of electronic devices in the market. Each of them is created from different types of components, big and small. The basic electronic components can be termed to be parts that are packaged generally in discrete form. It has two or even more connecting metallic pads or leads. But then, with time, new electronic gadgets, versions and models are released by the manufacturers like, thus making the earlier ones to become obsolete. 

Getting obsolete parts

The newer versions are found to be much better than the earlier ones. But those planning to continue with their existing devices may do so without any hassle until it is no more functional. But to ensure its smooth functioning for a long time, it will be essential to find a reputed Obsolete Electronic Components Distributor who can provide a wide range of components of the earlier parts. 

The devices need to be connected with one another by soldering them to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This is to develop an electronic circuit to enable specific function. It includes the wireless, oscillator, radio receiver, amplifier, etc. The well established manufacturer or distributor may Sell Excess Components Inventory online component including basic types like the capacitor, resistor, diode, transistor, logic gate, resistor array, operational amplifier, etc. 

Electronic component types

Basically, two types of electronic components can be noticed in the market, namely, Active and Passive Components. Both of them can be either SMD or Through-Hole. 

  • Active Components: Such electronic components list comprise of those that have directionality or gain. It includes logic gates, ICS or Integrated Circuits, Transistors. 
  • Passive Components: Such electronic components are stated to be those not having directionality or gain. They are rather referred to as electrical components or electrical elements. 

Their function

  • Resistors: There are components that are used for resisting current. 
  • Connectors and Terminals: These are components that can help make electrical connection. 
  • Capacitors: These are components designed specially to store electrical charge within the electrical field. 
  • Switches: These are components that could be created to either in closed (conduct) or open (not) position. 
  • Network Components: These are components known to use Passive Component of more than a single type.
  • Inductive or Magnetic Components: They are termed to be electrical components using magnetism.
  • Semiconductors: These are electronic control parts without having any moving part. You can come across Excess Electronic Components inventory at the leading portal. 
  • Resonators, Crystals, Piezoelectric devices: They are Passive components using piezoelectric effect. 
  • ICs or Integrated Circuits: This microelectronic computer circuit is rather integrated within the semiconductor or chip. It can be termed to be an entire system instead of a single component. 
  • Transistors: This is a semiconductor device that is capable of amplification. 
  • Diodes: These are components to conduct electricity, but in a single direction only. 

Therefore, getting to know the above basic parts will allow you to seek the correct type from the leading Electronic components procurement platform. You will never go wrong with your choice.

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