Benefits Of Weight Lifting

Benefits Of Weight Lifting

We often hear that weight lifting training is associated with men only. People have made assumptions that they are either too fat or too weak to perform strength training, and they will not be able to do it properly. But today, we are here with this article to clear all your misconceptions and break the stereotypes.

Do you know Weight training is not solely associated with muscly men? Anyone can do it no matter you are fat or weak; you just have to adjust your weight lifting capacity. Weight training can make your muscles healthy and strong. So, it’s pretty beneficial to lift weights on your overall muscle’s health, and you’re not going to face any type of harm by lifting the appropriate weight.

You can start doing strength training at any age; you don’t need to be a mature adult or over 30 to begin your training. Let me clear here strength training doesn’t depend on ability. And what’s driving more attention of people towards strength training is that it makes your muscles strong and your overall mental and physical health is improved, which makes your everyday activities easier.

1. Lose Body Fat

If you want to shed some excess body fat, then strength training is your way to go. Fat burn down is associated with metabolism rate. If your metabolism rate is normal, your body doesn’t accumulate fat, and when you perform strength training, your overall metabolism rate is increased, which results in successful fat burn down. Your body is working to replenish itself even after you have finished exercising. So, that means that your body is still burning extra calories after a workout and for up to 48 hours. If we talk about cardiovascular workouts, they do not offer the same benefits.

One more thing which I want to bring in front of our eyes is that fewer calories are required by the body to retain fat, and a whole lot more calories are utilized to retain muscles. So, after weight training, your body’s resting metabolic rate (RMR) is generally increased, which means more caloric burn even after a workout and beyond if you participate in regular weight training.

2. Increases Bone Density

As we have said, weight lifting will offer you a lot of health benefits. Some of them are increased bone density and balance maintenance. Bone density is directly related to bone diseases like osteoporosis. So, if you maintain a good bone density, the effects of osteoporosis are slowed down. And if you perform strength training, your overall balance is improved, and you are less likely to fall down. For sufferers of arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer survivors, and Parkinson’s disease, weight lifting can help to improve the quality of life. Weight training also reduces the risks of bone breaks and fractures, significantly when bones will generally deteriorate in your later life.

3. Increase Cognitive Function

Weight training can reduce your stress and anxiety levels, resulting in a better mood; also, the energy and confidence are increased.

4. Increases Overall Health

Prevention of diseases is a benefit that comes along with weight lifting training. Weight lifting can combat diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol resulting in a longer life for many men and women.

If you want to slow down your ageing process or undo the bad you have done to your body in the past, or want to build strong muscles, perform Strength training because it makes us more assertive both in body and in mind. Anyone can perform strength training, including children, adult’s, pregnant women, job holders etc. No group of people are asked to avoid resistance training by Health Professionals.

5. Makes You Look Good

Fat accumulation can make your body look bulky or not in shape, even if you’re thin. But if you perform regular weight training, your body gets toned up in a perfect shape, which means you can flaunt your gym wear perfectly. Why not shop some elegant gym outfits for yourself? They will motivate you to perform training as well.

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