Best Cases For Protecting Your Smartphones From Damage

Blank black and white phone case mock up, isolated, 3d illustration. Empty smartphone cover mockups set ready for logo, texture print presentation. Cellphone protector cover design concept.

Just bought a new smartphone? The following step entails selecting the top phone case currently on the market to shield your pricey new technology from unavoidable scratches and unintentional drops.

The annoying scratches, cracks, or worse, breaking of your iPhone or Android can be avoided with the use of a protective phone case and screen protector. Most importantly, a phone case can be a worthwhile purchase in addition to being helpful if you tend to be a little clumsy. Some phone cases can also serve as wallets, keeping your credit cards close at hand, while waterproof phone cases enable you take your phone to the beach without worrying. Other phone cases are a representation of your style and simply look cute.

When you know what to look for, finding the best phone case for your new smartphone is a breeze. If your camera is your top priority, be sure to select a case with raised bezels and corners around the camera unit, or for further peace of mind, think about buying a separate camera lens protector.

Even while certain cases from well-known companies can be rather pricey, you might be surprised at the great deals and value for money that you can discover to match your device and lifestyle. The greatest phone cases don’t always have to break the bank.

OtterBox Defender Screenless edition

A well-known manufacturer of phone cases, OtterBox exclusively produces the highest-caliber, and most important, most protective, cases available. The Otterbox Defender is regarded as the industry standard for protective cell phone cases. An inner layer of reinforced polycarbonate and an outer layer of thick silicone that absorbs impact make up the multi-layer design, which protects against dust, drops, and scratches.

Additionally, this case has port covers installed to completely block off all dust and grime. To make carrying backpacks and rucksacks easier, the holster attachment that comes with the durable outer slipcover may also be used as a kickstand for viewing videos and other content.

The Otterbox Defender series will add some bulk to your phone, making it a poor choice if you like to carry your phone in your pocket or want to flaunt its design. It is also not waterproof.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

In addition to having an unbeatable price, this phone case’s transparent design helps you maintain your smartphone’s original aesthetic while yet protecting it from harm. You may probably find a case that works for your iPhone or Android device, but we recommend this one in particular for iPhones because it comes in matte and frosted variants in addition to transparent cases with bumpers that match your phone’s colour. Our pros enjoy that the case is constructed with anti-yellow blue resin thus the material should remain transparent for longer even if we haven’t tested this one in the lab yet.

CASETiFY Impact Re/Case

CASETiFY offers a selection of 2000+ imaginative designs made by numerous well-known artists. The company’s best-selling product, the Impact case, is said to be four times more durable than the typical military standard and can withstand drops from as high as 8.2 feet! Customers can return the recyclable case to the firm after usage as part of the company’s “Re/CASETiFY” upcycling program in exchange for shop credits.

These cases feature a 1.6mm raised bezel to cover the screen and a 1.1mm camera ring to shield your lenses from damage. Additionally, they are extremely robust and wireless and MagSafe charging compatible.

Speck Presidio Folio
Whether it is an oppo mobile case or others, the Speck Presidio Folio is a simple folio case designed to hold up to three credit cards. While it won’t replace your wallet or handbag, it does have a covert card slot on the inside of the case to keep essentials close to hand. Our proponents point out that the case can be propped up with an adjustable viewing stand for lengthy car or aircraft rides, and that its design is sturdy.


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