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A survey conducted by Cint on the consumption of beverages shows that more than 50 percent of the Indian population drinks coffee regularly. Further, over 1,170 thousand 60 kilogram bags of coffee were consumed in India in the year 2020 alone. So it is fair to say that India is a coffee-drinking country. 

While some people are obsessed with coffee and have brought all the fancy kit home to prove it, others crave an excellent brew without the fuss. That’s where the best instant coffee India comes in. If you are also an instant coffee drinker but don’t know how to describe the coffee flavor and judge the qualities of a coffee, read on!

This article is here to make you a coffee connoisseur. 

Elements of coffee tasting

The coffee tasting may seem to you just like taking a sip of it. Right? In reality, various elements of coffee tasting are used to judge a single cup of freshly brewed or quality instant coffee. The seven key elements that help you evaluate your coffee are:

Coffee aroma

“Aroma” refers to the smell of coffee when mixed with water. It is an essential part of the coffee experience because it is an indicator of the freshness of the coffee and its quality. Plus, it helps you expose off-flavors or coffee bean defects if any. 

Coffee Flavour

Flavour is synonymous with the overall taste of the coffee and other qualities like aroma, bitterness, body, sweetness, acidity, and aftertaste. Few flavors that you will find in coffees include berries, fruits, flowers, chocolate, and spices.

Coffee body

The coffee body can also be referred to as “mouthfeel”. It is the tactile feeling of how the coffee coats your tongue. When talking about the coffee body, you refer to the overall thickness, heaviness, or viscosity of the coffee. 

Coffee Bitterness

To a certain extent, bitterness is wanted in coffee, especially in espresso or darker roasts, because it adds to the fullness of coffee taste. However, too much bitterness can get unpleasant and can be the due result of over-extraction while brewing.

Coffee sweetness

Sweetness is the second flavor sensation that makes your coffee drinking experience more delightful. Unlike the sweetness of sugar or candy, coffee sweetness is all about fruity, chocolate, or caramel flavor. Plus, it provides smoothness and flavor without undesirable tastes or harshness.

Coffee Acidity

Here acidity does not refer to the pH levels of coffee but the tart taste that you feel on the tip of your tongue when you take a sip. Smooth, tangy, lemony, flat, sharp, and crisp are some characteristics that describe a coffee’s acidity.

Coffee Aftertaste

This is the taste that lingers on your tongue after you have drunk your coffee. You can describe it as dry, clean, parched sensation, smooth feeling depending on the coffee.

What makes a good instant coffee?

Now that you have read about various elements of instant coffee, it’s time to find out what would be the best instant coffee in India and why? Read on!

When considering instant coffee, the most significant factor influencing its taste is the type of bean and the drying process used. Arabica beans have a sweet flavor, and Robusta beans contain an earthy and bitter flavor. For this reason, most people around the world prefer Arabica beans for their sweet flavor notes.

Furthermore, there are two drying processes, namely, spray drying and freeze-drying. In spray drying, hot air is used to evaporate the water from the beans; this process often destroys the original flavor and aroma of the coffee bean. 

While freeze-drying is when the coffee extract is frozen, and liquid sublimation occurs; this process helps preserve the coffee bean’s natural flavor. 

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