Best Live Chat Apps for Customer Support in 2021


Every day we see new websites becoming a part of the online world. With so many brands, products, services, offers, etc the competition keeps growing. Customers today, have a wider range of options, opportunities and are more empowered than ever before. One thing that every business owner must acknowledge is the fact that offering top-notch customer support service can help gain more attention and presence, resulting in better sales and revenues. The companies that are proactive in incorporating newer and better customer support tools as part of their customer care strategy are acing and making wise use of the evolving technology just as we see in the case of Charter customer service. 

With businesses actively utilizing online platforms for reaching out to their customers in a better way, one such outstanding tool is live chat. Since there are so many options when it comes to live chat apps, here we are with this useful guide to help you navigate to the right one for your business. After careful analysis, we have gathered some useful factors involved in determining the effectiveness of a live chat app. Here is how you can find the right live chat app that can prove to be very promising for your business. So check out these tips and recommendations to take a step forward towards ensuring higher customer satisfaction rates. 


Most of the good quality Live chat apps cost around 15 dollars per user/month. And can get as high as 100 dollars per month. Others are even free of cost. Therefore choose live chat apps that are affordable and have better functionalities. 

Better Management Features 

Live chat apps have great potential to boost your customer service. Yet remember that it’s a tool that can help you manage, monitor, and perform better. So make sure you make the most out of it. Choose live chat apps with better management features that can help you monitor chat performances in a better way. These advanced features might include real-time reporting, staffing predictions, automated chat responses, etc. An effective live chat app is a good blend of these impressive management features. 

Simple to Use 

Easy Set-Up

Another important aspect of live chat apps that add to their benefits is that its easy to use. Its user-friendly interface can offer better convenience to the customers. It can make the user experience more entertaining and pleasant. This in turn results in more satisfied customers. 

Greater Integration

It is important that your choose live chat apps that are more native and easily integrate with the CRM, eCommerce portals, marketing, etc.  

Recommended Live Chat Apps 2021

Here is a look at some of the highly recommended live chat apps that might be an asset for your customer support:


Some of the praiseworthy features of include chat whisper, automated triggers, and a good knowledge base. On top of it, it is free of cost. You can add a live agent for dealing with the chats for say 1 dollar per month. Because is free and comes with an impressive range f features, and its chat widget is customizable, it is highly recommended, especially for small-scale businesses. 

  • LiveHelpNow 

LiveHelpNow is yet another promising live chat software that works really well for tracking customer satisfaction through its easy surveys. It is good to analyze chat conversations to find out both positive and negative sides. Apart from its sentiment analysis feature, it also offers Advertising Billboards Feature to help you create up to 10 rolling messages in the chat window. It can be images or text messages. 

  • Olark

If you are looking for more affordable options among paid live chat apps, then Olark might interest you. With a base price of around 15 dollars per user/month and annual billing, it offers you features like unlimited chats, automated messages, reports, pre chats, etc. 

Therefore it is quite an inexpensive yet effective live chat app, that is worth exploring for add-on options and fulfilling the customer support demands

  • LiveChat 

LiveChat is another popular software that offers an attractive user interface. You can make use of integrated chatbots, help centers, and other products. It has a very trendy feel to its chat console with chats, tickets, reports, and other icons. So it provides all the major features you can ask for in a live chat app. Upon response, the customer is notified both, on the widget and email. 

Wrapping Up, 

The right livre chat app can provide perfect support to your customers and result in higher sales. So if you are looking for a suitable live chat software to make a part of your customer support strategy, do consider the aforementioned recommendations as they have great potential of lifting the quality of your overall customer care services, bringing more success to your business

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