Best Locations In The UK To Practice Summer Sports


It’s finally that time again, Summer! After the last couple of summers locked indoors, this summer may feel severely overdue.

Whilst many of us are excited to get away somewhere hot this year, now that all restrictions have finally been lifted, summer 2022 in the UK is set to be a scorcher, with us already experiencing some of the hottest days of the year on record. 

So for those of you who are sticking around this summer or just looking to make the most of the UK sun, here are some of the best places to practice some summer sports fun. 

Leisure Centres

It may be an obvious choice, but your local leisure centre is a great place for some wholesome summer sports fun. Not only is it probably a cheaper option than hiring and renting a whole gymnasium or having to be granted access to an exclusive country club.

As well as having a great range of facilities, it’s also a great way to interact with your local community – and get fit while you’re doing it. 

Need some gear? We recommend using a few Nike UK discount codes to get your hands on some 10/10 sportswear without breaking the bank. 

Head To The Beach

When you think of the UK, you don’t necessarily think of sandy beaches and blue waters. However, you’ll be surprised to know that the UK is home to some absolutely stunning beaches, so stunning it’s enough to trick you into believing you are somewhere much more tropical than England.

The beach is not only the ideal place for summer fun; it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in those beach sports such as volleyball or frisbee, or if you fancy a challenge, try surfing. We recommend you bring a wetsuit, as whilst the weather may be warm, the UK sea water is not so much!

Or hey, ditch sports altogether! You are at the beach after all! Build a sandcastle, top up your tan, do whatever. 


Again, another obvious choice but you simply can’t beat a classic British park in the summer!

Not only is the open space the perfect place to engage in a friendly game of 5 aside, but if you are also looking to stay or get in shape this summer, your local park is an excellent change of scenery from your same old boring gym.

If you are in London this summer, here are the top 3 parks for summer fun:

Hampstead Heath: Hampstead Heath makes a wonderfully untamed contrast to the manicured parks elsewhere in the capital. You can also take a dip in the heath’s swimming ponds. The men’s and ladies’ ponds are open all year round, but again even though the weather is hot, the heaths waters can still be pretty chilly.

Battersea Park: Not only is Battersea Park known for its stellar views of the Thames views, but it also boasts its very own art gallery and family-run zoo, complete with lemurs, meerkats and wallaby.

Clapham Common: As well as a number of cafés, it also boasts a skate park and the largest bandstand in London, which hosts open-air concerts during the summer.

Summer Camps

Whilst parks and beaches are fun for everyone and free of charge, a summer camp is a great opportunity to not only make friends but try a new and challenging sport. 

I know the term “summer camp” may seem a bit juvenile, but holiday camps such as Haven or even Centre Parcs are all hosts to some truly epic and thrill-seeking outdoor adventures for adults and children.

So there you have it, a whole range of locations perfect for your next summer activity. Which will you choose?

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