The Features and Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based Security Broker Solution


Suppose you are considering using a cloud-based security broker solution for your network. In this article, we will discuss these features and benefits.

Cloud-based security broker solution offers network visibility.

A Cloud-based security broker (CASB) solution is critical for enterprises to secure their cloud usage. A comprehensive protection plan must include a secure web gateway, device data loss prevention solution, and cloud access security services. Cloud-based security brokers can eliminate blind spots and increase network visibility by scanning for threats across internal and external networks. They can also block unauthorized users from accessing corporate data or cloud services. In addition, these solutions can work with existing cloud security services such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

CASB solutions provide organizations with a centralized security enforcement point that applies enterprise security policies to cloud applications and services. These products help organizations extend security controls to cloud applications and services without compromising data security or business continuity. CASB solutions secure the data and applications stored there by sitting between cloud applications and cloud service providers like They also allow organizations to enforce security policies across cloud applications.

It offers data loss prevention.

A cloud-based security broker (CASB) solution helps prevent data loss by monitoring a company’s third-party cloud services and users. In addition, this technology helps reduce false positives by enforcing security policies for sensitive data. Cloud-based CASB solutions come with advanced threat detection capabilities and agentless architecture, making them easy to deploy and maintain.

CASB solutions enforce DLP policies and monitor unmanaged devices. They enable enterprises to locate sensitive files stored in cloud-based applications and offer remediation options. CASB solutions can help prevent data leakage by monitoring malicious files and granular access controls. It also provides security features like protection labels for unmanaged devices and scanning malicious files in cloud-based apps.

It offers reduced latency.

A cloud-based security broker solution reduces the need for on-premise security appliances and bandwidth consumption on MPLS links. SASE solves the above issues and more. Cloud-based applications can serve as a vector for cybercriminals. Cloud-based applications can be infected with malware and malicious files, and CASB applications can detect these and quarantine them before they can infect your IT infrastructure. In addition, CASB applications enable you to control access to specific applications and portions of them. CRM users, for example, may need full access to a CRM system, while marketing employees require only limited access. CASB tools help you design policies that restrict application access.

It is automated

The deployment of a Cloud-based security broker solution is fully automated, requiring no user interaction. It can monitor and inspect encrypted network traffic, reducing the attack surface and ensuring secure access to cloud applications. The solution has many features, including policy enforcement and detection of misconfigurations. Users only need to enter their credentials once to access the cloud application. The CASB solution can be implemented in different deployment options and helps businesses enforce user authentication policies.

A cloud-based security broker solution is designed to monitor and enforce security policies across a cloud-based architecture. This is a comprehensive solution that can help enterprises improve their security posture and prevent data leakage. Proofpoint is a cloud-based CASB solution platform.

 With advanced threat detection capabilities and agentless architecture. The service is an excellent solution for securing SaaS applications.

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