Best Sump Pump – Submersible Or Pedestal?


Coming home to a flooded basement and facing the hefty repair charges isn’t a pretty scenario for anyone. And what’s going to shield you from such a feat in the future is a good sump pump. Now the next question that arises is, out of the two variants, namely the submersible and the pedestal one, which one’s better? To help you find the answer, here’s a little contribution from Zoeller M53 Review that will make you understand their features and major differences between them.

Submersible sump pump

As deductible from the name itself, a submersible sump pump is one that’s submerged in water in a house’s sump pit beneath the floor of the basement. Even though it is underwater including its engine, it is saved from any damage thanks to its secure container. Usually installed during the construction process these are the most common variety of sump pumps used in residential houses.


Little to no space occupied- Submersible sump pumps can be installed inside or outside your home. Being underground gives you the major advantage of saving up on a lot of space, especially when there’s a shortage.

Quieter than its surface counterparts- in the case of submersible sump pumps, their underground placement as well as the water result in muffling of the noises being produced.

More powerful- submersible sump pumps are extremely powerful, efficient, and quick in removing water as well as any solid debris from your basements or backyards. Hence, they are a great choice if you face a frequent flooding problem. 


Difficult to maintain- their underground cum underwater placement is an obvious hindrance in their maintenance, which leads to a shorter life span of the pump due to several unnoticeable damages.

Costlier than pedestal pumps- Installing and even repairing a submersible sump pump is quite a hassle and costs a lot more than surface sump pumps.

Pedestal sump pump

Pedestal sump pumps, on the other hand, are surface sump pumps with their motor located on a framework above the sump pit. It has an extension that is submerged in the sump pit connecting the pump above to the water pool underneath.


Longer life expectancy- Pedestal sump pumps last up to 2-5 times longer than the submersible ones for the simple reason that the motor is better protected from water and other damages.

A cheaper deal- If you don’t want to spend too much on a sump pump, then a pedestal pump is a better choice as it’s cheaper to buy and install.

Ease of maintenance- as a major part of the pump is located outside the sump pit, it can be easily maintained and repaired if there’s an issue.


Low power- one of the biggest flaws is the fact that it isn’t as efficient as the submersible pump. Their low power makes them slow at their work, meaning they take extra time to remove the water resulting in an increased risk of water damages.

Space consumption- Being on the surface level means consuming extra space. Also, there’s always a chance of tripping over it or a mishap.


With this detailed analysis, we hope you’re eligible and equipped with enough knowledge to determine which pump is better and fits your needs the best.

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