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The new regulation on betting in Italy has been published in the Official Gazette and will come into force on 28 October. For bettors, the balance can only be bittersweet.

Sweet for the introduction (finally even if it’s not an absolute novelty) of the cash out , the new limits (maximum win €50,000) and the asian handicap . Bitter because the rules on the correction of material errors in the odds are written in an ambiguous way and can lend themselves to “dangerous” interpretations by bookmakers, but we will come back to this point. Certainly – in this respect – there are few guarantees for punters.

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The new bets in Italy: Cash out, new limits and Asian handicap

With this regulation, the Italian betting market takes a further step forward compared to foreign competition.

He cash out

Cash out is introduced , i.e. the possibility for the user to cash out a bet when the event has not yet ended. You can press a button and you’re done. It is an option already present in the betting exchange which is now also being extended to bookmakers.

The bettor therefore has the possibility of receiving the partial collection of his potential winnings in advance before the outcome of a sporting event ends, avoiding that the result changes. But the user also has the possibility of reducing his liability for a bet that is losing live: in this case he tries to limit the damage and tries to recover part of the capital bet.

In reality, this functionality had already been extended to betting but due to resistance from some sector lobbies (which had conditioned the Conte bis government), the news had been postponed. By chance, 3 days after the closing of the elections, the regulation was published. But these are coincidences…

Asian Handicap

The other big news concerns the introduction of the Asian handicap which is a way of betting that is so dear to professionals. Handicap bets are used to obtain higher odds but also because there is a better facility for the bet to be refunded in the event that the outcome is only partially favourable.

There are dozens of different types of Asian handicap. An example is asian handicap -1 . To win the bet, the favorite team must win by a two-goal margin. If, on the other hand, he wins with only one goal, the stake will be refunded (void) but no winnings will be paid.

Finally, the new limits: the minimum bet is now one euro (and no longer 2 euros) while the maximum payout is 50,000 euros (previously 20,000).

Yellow on odds clerical error, is it the end of value bets? The standard is ambiguous

The controversial chapter is instead on the error of quotas.

In the introduction to article 1, in paragraph H) of the regulation published in the Official Gazette, we find the definition of quota error:

  • odds error, the material error of indicating the odds in the acceptance program prepared by the concessionaire, objectively detectable by the player and recognisable, at the time of the fixed odds bet, as an error on the basis of the comparison between the odds offered and the relative average value of market ;

This definition can lend itself to very ambiguous interpretations by bookmakers, because any value quota is always higher than the market average and this can be deduced from the comparison of the quota in question with the average. This is one of the methods used by professionals.

We remind you that the only way to win at bets is to place value odds, wrong odds. This does not mean clearly wrong odds (in this case we are dealing with a material error in the strict sense and the jurisprudence has already expressed itself in favor of the bookmakers).

A degree of fault tolerance should be established in percentage terms. The regulation, on the other hand, gives an ambiguous and indefinite definition of the margin of error.

The dimension clerical error should be interpreted narrowly (like 15 instead of 1.5). Talking about the average market value is dangerous (for bettors) because the same odds also vary pre-match and can also vary by several points.

This premise (paragraph H, article 1) must then be read in conjunction with article 8.

Art. 8 Quota error

  1. The Concessionaire who detects an odds error for one or more outcomes of one or more types of fixed odds bets contained in a participation receipt accepted by the national totalizator can ask ADM to acknowledge the odds error.
  2. If, pursuant to the director’s determination referred to in paragraph 3, the odds error is found to exist, ADM recalculates the odds for all outcomes of the type of bet and recalculates the winnings on the basis of the criteria set out in the same director’s determination , operating directly on the national totaliser.
  3. Criteria and methods for identifying the quota error and the correct quotas are established by ADM with its own managerial determination.

The hope is that further clarification will be given before the entry into force of the new regulation (on 28 October) because it is a very ambiguous rule which could – if abused by bookmakers – cause value bets (which are nothing more than odds) to be extinguished. wrong” from the books) and jeopardize the bettors’ chances of having a fair game .

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