What are the career scopes in Software Performance Testing?


Software test automation services are consistently gaining popularity as an alternative to manual testing by all enterprises, regardless of their size. Performance testing as a job will always be in demand as companies cannot launch their software without determining its stability, scalability, and responsiveness under a given workload.

A report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the overall employment of software developers and quality assurance analysts will grow by 25% by 2031. The BLS report also suggests that 162,900 jobs for software developers, testers, and quality assurance analysts are expected yearly over the decade. Students with basic computer science knowledge and an interest in learning software testing can opt for a software quality and test automation course to launch a career in this fastest-growing field.

Studying software performance testing opens doors to a wide range of career paths. Individuals with skills in scripting, system architecture, and CSS and XPath Selectors can pursue and succeed in a career as software performance testers. So, let’s discuss the career opportunities after the software performance testing course.

Career opportunities in software performance testing

The following are the careers in software testing:

1. Quality Assurance Analyst

As any product or service-based company cannot launch or hand over its application to clients or end users without identifying and resolving potential issues, the demand for quality assurance analysts is on the rise. These professionals possess a creative mindset, good communication skills, and the ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of systems. They are responsible for ensuring that they meet user expectations while testing.

2. Software Tester

Aspiring to become a software tester must know that this role is stressful. If you have the ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, or take on internal pressure, you can thrive as a software tester. These professionals design test scenarios to run tests, prepare documents, and track issues. They are also involved in the quality assurance stage of software development.

3. Test Manager

To become a test manager, you must possess relevant work experience of 8-11 years. Test managers are responsible for the success of a project. They deploy and manage the suitable testing framework to match the testing mandate. According to payscale, a test manager in Canada makes CAD 95,582 per year.

4. Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

As a quality assurance automation engineer, you will be responsible for designing automated tests to validate an application’s functionality. These professionals write scripts and build automation environments for repeated tests. They have a grounding in automation systems and databases. In addition, they are also familiar with various programming script languages.


Studying software quality and test automation courses prepare you for a variety of roles in the software testing industry. In addition, a career in software testing provides numerous opportunities to climb the corporate ladder and improves your salary packages. If you want to build a career in software performance testing, apply for the course at a top Canadian institute.

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