Blackout Curtains – Choose the Right Window Covering


Blackout curtains are your best option if you desire a room to be completed as dark as possible. These kinds of curtains can be perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, home theaters, offices, or any room often used for rest or sleeping in the middle of the afternoon. There are several reasons why you should use these blackout blinds to cover your windows.

They offer one of the best ways to effectively darken a room. The two most important features of these kinds of curtains are their thickness and their blocking capability. Thickness refers to the degree of darkness they offer while blocking noise is the ability of blackoutcurtain to completely block out sound. Both these pros help provide privacy while still ensuring your room is dark.

 Reason Why Blackout Curtains Are Your Best Option

Although most people are accustomed to using typical drapes to make rooms darker, they are not that efficient since sunlight can still seep through. With these kinds of curtains, however, you no longer need to worry about sunlight as they completely absorb it and prevent any glare. In fact, these types of window treatments are ideal for rooms where sunlight can be a problem such as in offices. Another great advantage of these darkening curtain types is that they are ideal if you wish to completely darken a room without making the room look too black.

Another reason why blackout curtains are your best option is the fact that they offer a high level of light control. Curtains alone cannot provide complete darkness because sunlight can still seep through. Blackout curtains work by fully enveloping your window and blocking all light from reaching your room. This makes them excellent if you have young children and wish to keep them away from the light. You can also use these types of window coverings during the day when there is very little natural light to keep things dark.

Another advantage of using blackout shades is that they provide you with complete privacy. These dark drapes will go up to your chin or even above your eyes thus blocking out all other light from your surroundings. This provides you with the ultimate level of privacy while maximizing your darkened space. Not only do these window treatments keep prying eyes out. But they also make it difficult for anyone to see into your bedroom since there is now darkness.

Choose The Best Color Of Blackout Curtains

In terms of colors, black and white are the most common. But you can also consider brown and green as your shades of choice. But if you want to spice up your house, then you can go for the colors of the rainbow such as yellow, pink, orange, and red. You must also consider the size of the curtains. If you want more privacy, then you can choose the bigger sizes. On the other hand, if you want to let some light into the room. Then you can consider the small or medium-sized curtains.

One of the best fabrics to use for your blackout curtains is polyester. This is because this particular fabric is known to repel moisture while also blocking out light. Another option would be cotton. However, cotton is known to muffle sounds making it less than ideal for privacy in your bedroom. Rods made of iron are also very popular as they block out noise and heat.


Polyester and cotton fabrics are good choices for curtains blackout. Rods made of iron are also ideal since they are durable and block out the heat. Curtains with double or triple-layer foam are best if you want to block out more light and heat. The blackout curtain buyers guide covers many different types of fabrics as well as different styles and types of rods.

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