Blind Awareness Month


Can you imagine how it feels to wake up on a sunny day not being able to see it? About 2.2 billion people in the world deal with some form of visual impairment or are blind. This is why we need to understand the importance of eye health and learn how to maintain it.

1. Blind Awareness Month – Struggles And Tips

October is Blind Awareness Month. It aims to emphasize the importance of eye health and the difficulties of living without sight. Every year, associations of the blind organize numerous activities accessible to people who are blind. The purpose of these activities is to show that sight loss doesn’t mean that life should stop. Yet, low vision or blindness is one of the greatest challenges one can deal with.

Information access

Everything around us contains some visual information. Without sight, we wouldn’t be able to see traffic signs, timetables at the stations, street names, etc.

Could you imagine not being able to see these things for one day? Well, blind people struggle with this problem every day for days and years. They can’t access most information. As a result, they are not able to live alone or independently.


There are millions of blind people in Pennsylvania and all over the world who struggle to find accessible books for them. Even with tons of reading materials online, it is difficult for blind people to find something for them.

Many websites are not designed for visually impaired people. So, the favorite leisure activity of the many remains elusive for people with sight problems.

Yet, if you are a visually impaired person, you can try finding a book with a large font and contrasting colors. This will make reading simpler and much more accessible.

Finding a job

In the modern world, life is almost impossible if you don’t have a job. Many people around the world struggle to find a job. If you are visually impaired, it becomes even harder. There are not many companies that have accessible working spaces. Even fewer offer positions for the blind.

However, there are some things you can do to help yourself in this sense. Once you determine the kind of job you would like to do, you can try finding an online position for visually impaired individuals.

Another thing you can do is contact an employment agency near you in Philadelphia. Some of the agencies offer their services specifically to people with visual issues.

2. Technology Resources For Those With Vision Loss

Despite all the difficulties and challenges blind individuals have to deal with, there are still some technology resources that can improve the quality of their lives. There are two types of technology resources that can help them: general technology and assistive technology.

Computers and tablets

Computers and tablets can be helpful in different ways. Visually impaired individuals can enlarge the materials or use the high contrast displays. They can also use the audio input option instead of typing.


Nowadays, there are loads of smartphone apps that can assist those with vision loss. Some of them can help them understand what’s around them or describe the terrain and streets. Others can help them read or buy things online.

3. Smart Home Automation For The Visually Impaired

Smart Home Automation is a great addition to someone home who is usually impaired. Many products are voice-activated as well as the ability to be adjusted remotely. They control energy consumption, increase convenience, safety, and efficiency both of the person and home. This can help to lower the home’s PECO energy bills.

Smart assistant

The smart assistant is one of the greatest smart home gadgets that a visually impaired person can have in their Philadelphia home. They can inform them of any important events, or set the alarms, check calendars, or search the Internet for them. The smart assistant can even make phone calls and send text messages.

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is another great thing that makes the lives of those with vision loss much easier. With them, blind people can change the temperature with only their voices. Besides this great option, you can also lower the temperature before going to bed or leaving your home. This way you can control natural gas and electricity consumption and cut your utility bills.

Final thoughts

Living with vision loss is not easy and can be challenging. However, raising awareness of the difficulties these people face on a daily basis can improve the quality of their lives.

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Blind Awareness Month

Can you imagine how it feels to wake up...