Life Lessons To Know Before You Start College


 Home and life management    

Leaving our parent’s house and going to college can be exciting, but it also requires us to develop new levels of responsibility. It’s the beginning of a brand-new chapter in your life, and you should be prepared for it. There are some things to consider, think about and hopefully get better at before college starts. Getting better at it will make the entire experience as a college student easier and more enjoyable as well.

The first thing to keep in mind is the importance of proper money management. College is expensive, and you should make sure you know how to deal with money effectively. Creating a budget and sticking to it will help get a clear idea of how much money you can work with on a weekly and monthly basis, and prevent you from overspending. The importance of having good money management skills can’t be emphasized enough for a college student, since this will affect all aspects of your life, from paying tuition and student fees, to paying rent and AEP Ohio costs, buying food, covering car expenses and other things.

After you decide to be a financially responsible student, you should think in advance about other important aspects of your college life that will demand certain levels of responsibility, such as knowing how to adapt to different living conditions and getting along with your roommate, as well as cooking and preparing food for yourself and doing laundry.

Learning how to shop for healthy and nutritious food and how to prepare simple yet healthy meals is a priceless skill to develop before going to college. Moreover, this is something you will have to learn eventually in life, so better do it sooner than later. If you’re not doing your own laundry, going to college can be the time to start doing it. There are plenty of things you can learn about it, from how to use the washing machine and which detergent to use to how to read washing and drying guidelines.

Chances are, while you’re in college you’ll probably have to get a roommate, so learning about maintaining a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries can be crucial for functioning properly and being able to focus on other things, such as studying for exams. Adapting to a smaller space and getting used to cleaning your room is also something to consider and start doing before college starts.

  Emotional management       

Going away to college and leaving your old life can be stressful. That’s normal and expected. Adjusting to new people, new environments and new circumstances can usually stir up some anxiety. When you add the pressure of having to study and pass your exams, pay your tuition and student fees, and maintain a job (for those students who work as well) on top of everything, your life can quickly become a bit chaotic. This is why getting in touch with yourself and the way you feel on a regular basis is something that can help you take control over your mental health.

Pay attention to how you’re feeling on a regular basis. Your emotions are never wrong or bad, and they will show you what is the issue and what needs to be addressed. Listen to them. It is ok and understandable to get out of balance, and feel stressed out or anxious. However, there are always ways you can get back into alignment, and improve your condition.

Something that can always help you is developing and nurturing healthy habits, and creating routines that are good for you and that improve the way you feel. Make sure to eat healthy, regularly exercise, spend enough time in nature, and most importantly, nurture your connections with your friends and people you’re close with. Genuine connection with others is a vital and crucial part of feeling good and nurturing mental health.

 Academic management     

College will definitely be a time of accelerated growth and maturity. Other than learning how to manage your money, cook for yourself or handle potential issues with your roommate, you will also have to show academic responsibility.

Needless to say, regularly studying should be one of your responsibilities. Time management skills can help you study effectively and save time. When studying and preparing for exams, make sure you’re studying and remembering key ideas from each lecture, and keep getting back to those ideas instead of focusing on unnecessary facts and information. They will help you truly understand the lesson’s key points.

Making notes during lectures and learning how to become better at it can be quite useful since there is a strong correlation between good notes and good study habits.  


The college will undoubtedly be a major life experience for you. You will learn many new things, not only about the courses you pick but also about yourself, your own potential, relationships and life in general. However, even though it offers many opportunities for growth, there are things and life lessons you should learn even before college begins. Some of the most important lessons are money and time management, taking care of yourself by learning how to develop and nurture healthy relationships with your roommate and other people, as well as creating healthy habits and routines that can make your life easier and richer.  

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