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Millions of businesses and consumers thrive on one of the professional social media platforms, i.e., LinkedIn. Considering the platform’s vast business avenues, LinkedIn is used for B2B marketing by marketing professionals for its broader reach. 

What is LinkedIn B2B marketing?

LinkedIn encourages businesses to make their presence online in a cost-effective way. As we are aware, there are two marketing models followed by the enterprises, namely B2B and B2C; typically, LinkedIn is used for B2B networks. B2B marketing model is where products or services are sold to other businesses. Since the target audience is other businesses or companies, it is more of a task to search for B2B customers. The marketing plans in such a business model are precise and engaging. Since the decision is taken in the best interest of other company members, purchasing decisions holds importance here. LinkedIn B2B network is compellingly aimed at lead generation, customer acquisition, and revenue earnings. 

Many advanced digital marketing courses include LinkedIn marketing strategies which turn to be helpful for businesses, individuals, or professionals to excel in their goals. There are many online digital marketing courses designed for beginners as well as for experts. 

Statistics of B2B marketers considering LinkedIn

More than 50% of the B2B businesses use paid ads on LinkedIn for acquiring customers. Around 95% of the B2B get their leads through LinkedIn and is considered an organic platform for marketers. As per the content marketing institute, more than 80% of B2B marketers use Linkedin for content marketing purposes. Content marketing is a subset of digital marketing and is gaining popularity by reaching out to vast audiences. 

Reasons to boost company growth through Linkedin B2B.

  • Brand and business awareness:- Businesses get ample opportunities to connect with various other companies, people, and professionals. Brand awareness is necessary to create a lasting impression on the people’s minds or targeted demographic to help them recollect and understand the product. Companies will never fall for any product without researching the brand or business. 

Building traffic:- Linkedin tools and features enable the marketing team to develop and bring traffic. 

  • Content sharing is possible on the homepage and in LinkedIn communities. It is a huge advantage for businesses to propagate their message, information about their products or services, and opinions or views to a larger audience. As the word suggests, LinkedIn helps build links with related communities leading to more sharing and gaining insights. 
  • Becoming a leader:- A business can become a leader and advisor to others by improving its profile, participating in question-answer forums, and engaging with the audience. Linkedin has come up with various features for the users, such as getting analytics, premium search, in-mail messages, and unlimited profile search. 
  • Lead generation:- Where prospective businesses or customers listen, analyze, participate, and respond to the content shared by the company, the B2B marketers find an opportunity to identify, generate leads, and convert them into revenue. 

Ways to boost company growth through LinkedIn B2B

Become a LinkedIn influencer: – Content creation defines a brand and creates value for it. An engaging and meaningful content attracts a loyal audience to the brand. A community formed due to organic traffic and audience is the most outstanding achievement a business can expect. With organic traffic come top-quality leads who assist in generating revenue for the company. LinkedIn influencers create value for the brand, consider audience needs, demands and maintain relationships with them. Positioning your brand through solid content makes a business stand out from the rest. 

Lead generation through premium plans: Though the basic account helps achieve the targeted audiences and generate sales, premium accounts, and LinkedIn automation tools have more significant advantages. The premium version allows for greater engagement with prospective buyers. An account gets deeper insights into the industries, people, and companies following or visiting the profile. It helps the account holder or business account improve their LinkedIn profile, thus increasing the chances of being found online. The characteristics of potential contact, their skills, interests, influence helps in targeting in a better way. The business’s marketing strategy is the basis of choosing a LinkedIn premium account. Numerous benefits are associated with premium LinkedIn business plans. 

Increasing the engagement with valuable content:-  Most people think a well-designed, well-planned, and sophisticated advertisement of the product gains more exposure than a simple message. But this is untrue as product quality, brand credibility, and brand value gain more audience attention. An emotional content that traps the customer’s mind with a direct message is what B2B brands aim for their business. Creative yet consumable content is where buyers get engaged. Trust and brand loyalty are built amongst the audiences and buyers. Content does not solely represent an article or write-up about the product but includes Infographics, short yet intense video clips of productive talks, or video messages.

Presence online: – LinkedIn brand’s online presence should not be treated as an isolated page. Instead of striving towards building a community, answering questions and reciprocating to other members creates brand loyalty, trust, and value. Understanding the audience and experimenting is essential to growing with the connection. The larger the link, the higher is the support and reach of the targeted audiences. 

Social CRM applications: – There are social customer relationship management applications that work with LinkedIn to get real-time data about the contacts. They help in getting market insights enabling businesses to provide better customer service to their targeted buyers. Social CRM matters because more than 90% expect brands to interact online and have an online presence. The business can be a good advisor or just a resource or source of information for the customers. The features of Social CRM are analysis of the customer’s sentiments, listening to them, Social selling, and social marketing. 

LinkedIn Tools: – Using LinkedIn automation tools like Expandi, Lempod, and Sales navigator provides better chances to become a LinkedIn influencer. Effective marketing is possible with the use of growth marketing strategies. Online digital marketing courses in India aim to upgrade the digital world’s marketing skills to learners. They make the learners familiar with different automated tools, which work amazingly when integrated with social media platforms. The automated tools come up with advanced features that save time and increase productivity.  

  • Expandi is the most incredible software tool that manages connections, networks, requests, and follow-ups, which can be time-consuming. Industry experts can customize their marketing campaigns as per their objectives. Each account is provided with a dedicated Ip address, and the algorithm works as humans. Other features include randomized actions, innovative limits, cloud-based and automatic warm-up. 
  • Lempod is the best engagement pod for LinkedIn users. The influencers from a similar niche benefit with much more likes and comments. With more comments and preferences, the LinkedIn algorithm helps the account to reach out to more people. 
  • Sales navigator:- This tool helps target the right audience and buyers to help them engage with the products or services. 


A significant number of B2B companies look up to Linkedin for generated leads and convert them into sales. With the massive opportunity for the marketers to tap huge audiences in Linkedin, it’s an excellent way for the company to grow by applying marketing tactics. Conducting market research with intelligent search helps in improving reputation and brand loyalty. Today, Online digital marketing courses in India are curated to guide learners in preparing marketing campaigns, SEO strategies, analytics, and digital marketing tools and techniques.

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