Challenges Faced By Young Team Leaders


A leader leads others with his leading skills. A great leader gets the people to do great things. A great leader needs skills to teach, and skills don’t see age or time; skill only requires a passion for doing something. Being a leader is quite challenging in today’s world as technologies keep on upgrading every day, but this is not that difficult. 

There is a gap between experienced leaders and new leaders. Senior leaders face difficulties with the technologies, and the new leader has a lack of experience. Many personalities are an inspiration for experienced and new leaders. 

Challenges Faced By Young Team Leaders

We are going to discuss some challenges faced by young team leaders. 

  • Lack Of Experience  

The first challenge a young team leader faces is a lack of experience. They are beginners, no doubt they have more knowledge than the experienced team leader, but they lack experience. They don’t have the expertise to face problems, and they don’t know how to deal with them. They only focus on the present conditions, and they sometimes forget to focus on future issues. They can get experience from the experienced ones, but they don’t like this thing very much. Many companies don’t give these opportunities to beginners, and they cannot allow the young person to lead their team because they have no experience.

  • Lack Of Patience  

In the young team leaders, they lack patience. They want to do innovative work every time. They don’t wait to make things progressive, and they want if they invest money in any project, the next day they get the result out of it. That is the reason why companies do not take the new and young people to their team. They need to prove themselves in every phase again and again. 

  • Lack Of Interest  

Many companies need a person who loves to do work, but they think the young people only focus on their lives. They don’t invest their time only in their project. They have a lack of interest, and they have many other priorities. Leadership demands sacrifice, you need to do everything for the people who are working under you. In a way that a leader’s life becomes the property of those who serve under the leader. Never forget you are at the top, where there are many challenges. Leading a team is not easy and you perhaps do not know how to handle a situation when you first find yourself on duty.

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This is not impossible to take place in between the experienced leader. You need to polish your skills, make yourself up to date, and keep learning through experienced personalities. Your experience matters when you are a leader. 

Stephen Gleave Ancaster-based lawyer is an internationally recognized expert in Canadian Labour and Employment law who has practiced law since 1990. He has litigated many of Canada’s preeminent employment cases. Stephen Gleave Ancaster-based lawyer enjoys sharing what he has learned and he continues to practice, research, and speak in the area of employment law.

As a leader of your team, sharing experiences and working with your team will help you learn from them. As a young leader, you need to develop your skills together with your team.

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