Closed Sources Or Open Sourced System? Why Consider Odoo ERP Solutions


With every passing day, small-scale or large-scale companies and enterprises are moving towards the implementation of ERP into their system. Some of the reasons given by experts are, ERP is agile in nature, and the central sharing of data, documents, and applications help companies save cost on the system’s maintenance.

Why Consider Odoo ERP Solutions

Apart from this, the implementation of ERP increases the efficiency of work and productivity of the employees. However, when it comes to selecting an ERP people often get confused while choosing an open-source or closed-source ERP system.

Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked question on how the open-source and close source ERP differ from one another and how the Odoo ERP’s open-source system can help you achieve unpenetrable security and streamline operations.

How Open Source Differ From Closed Sourced System

The main difference between open source and closed source is the license. The prior one is free and you don’t have to pay for anything other than the subscription charges. However, the latter one is a kind of freeware, where you require a perpetual contract or subscription to use the system. Here is a list of significant differences which will help you in making a wise decision:

  1. The first thing that makes open source better than closed source is customization flexibility. When it comes to customizing or optimizing the system to match your business need, open-source offers liberty. However, closed sources offer lock-in, since the developer has no access to code.
  2. Another significant difference is the impractical implementation without customization. Since open sources like Odoo ERP and CRM just offer the structure hence one can get the system to customize by disabling and enable the feature that is essential. In a closed source, you cannot do that.
  3. In open source ERP, the code is accessible to the developer and hence they can create multiple versions. However, the code in the closed source is inaccessible. This means if you are facing any problem then you reach out to the support team. Or you can reach out to Odoo CRM Consultant.
  4. An open-source ERP like Odoo has a global developer community. This makes assistance in the customization and implementation of a system extremely easy for the developer. Moreover, Odoo has there own developer community that is active and provide instant solution to a problem with a real-time example, which closed sourced system doesn’t have.
  5. IT cost, maintenance cost, and upgrade cost in the closed-source system is significantly higher than in the open-source system. Most of the time, in the case of Odoo especially, the system is hosted online and the user doesn’t have to care about the maintenance.

Reason To Opt For Open Source Odoo ERP Solution

While writing this piece, I have to review few ERPs from both categories, and here is a review of what I found best is the Odoo and later in an upcoming article, we will provide a review on others.

  1. Adaptable & Flexible – Odoo ERP offers a complete solution to the developers in the form of open-source code. This makes the system interface and dashboard UI & UX customization match business needs. On top of this, Odoo offers dozens of in-house applications that contains all essential feature required by the businesses. And, the best part is, you can integrate it with your system. If you don’t find any feature or function then you also integrate third-party applications.
  2. Expert Services – Odoo has hundreds of developers, certified to provide comprehensive Odoo Training, Support, and integration services, which makes Odoo ERP a great solution. Alongside this, Odoo has a well-maintained knowledge system and active developer community to whom you can reach out to get advice on any problem. Moreover, you can ask your Odoo CRM Consultant for quick fixes.
  3. Improve Security – Odoo is an open-source and cloud-based ERP. Unlike closed sourced ERP, you can access the system virtually from everywhere, on multiple devices e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. Alongside this, the admin can customize the role and responsibility based on users and teams. Even the members can customize access to certain documents and information. Thus, comprehensive security is another benefit of the Odoo ERP Solution provided by Techloyce.
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