Do Gaming Laptops Overheat?


Laptops for gamers and frequent users are useful due to their mobility. However, they may grow quite hot at times, causing worry among users.

High-performance CPUs and specialized graphics cards are responsible for generating a large amount of heat in gaming laptops. In addition, the laptop’s interior heats up due to the tight fit of the elements in the laptop’s chassis.

Particularly while gaming or performing other hardware-intensive tasks such as building software, video editing, etc. As a result, you’re not doing anything incorrectly. This, however, does not imply that it is beneficial. After a certain point, you should be concerned. When the computer overheats, temperature throttling occurs, resulting in a decrease in gaming performance.

However, simply you can buy the best gaming laptop for video editing under $1000 to avoid overheating while playing games or doing video editing tasks.

In addition, excessively high temperatures are a key cause of early hardware failures, as well. Here are some probable causes of your laptop overheating:

Causes of your laptop overheating

  1. Programs operating in the background place a bunch of needless burdens on the CPU. This is a serious problem.
  2. Your environment is excessively hot, which makes it difficult for your laptop’s cooling system to operate at ideal levels of efficiency.
  3. The thermal paste on your PC is no longer effective.
  4.  A lack of proper software settings is restricting the speed of the fans.
  5. There is a problem with your laptop’s fans, and they need to be replaced.
  6. Vents in your laptop’s intake air have been blocked with dust and other pollutants.
  7. You’re using your laptop on a soft surface, including your bed’s comforter.
  8. The cooling system of your laptop isn’t well enough and efficient.
  9. In your PC, either the CPU or GPU has been overclocked.
  10. The game or application you’re attempting to run on your laptop isn’t compatible with your laptop’s hardware.

If you are a gamer, then this must be a severe problem for you. Don’t worry, as time passes, the industry is trying to overcome this issue. So many new feature laptops have inbuilt advanced fans that try to resolve this overheating issue. Locate the gaming laptops under 1000 and get a lifetime free of this heat headache.

Overheating a laptop might have negative consequences

Most computers run hot, and some are so hot that they can’t even be placed on your lap. The internal parts of a laptop that overheat significantly are damaged. Taking some simple measures and knowing how a laptop overheats might help you prevent a disaster.


Most laptop batteries use lithium-ion batteries, which are susceptible to damage from heat. Anode ions and cathode ions interact chemically to power batteries. With increasing temperature, this process increases, and ions begin to move more quickly. Additional thermal and chemical reactions shorten battery life and charging time.


As a result of overheating, a computer’s performance suffers. As soon as the CPU starts to overheat, the motors should kick on. It is possible to boost the effectiveness of a dirty laptop by turning it off and using an air compressor to blast away the dust that has gathered in the fans.


In a laptop, the motherboard serves as the skeleton. You’ll find all of the laptop’s essential components, including the processor and memory. An overheated laptop’s performance might be adversely affected. To keep their systems cool, companies build huge cooling systems.

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How to prevent laptop overheating

Repair the internal cooling system

If your laptop overheats, you’ll need to wipe the cooling fan(s). Over time, they accumulate layers of dust and grime that cause them to slow down as a result.

Follow these procedures, however, before doing any cleaning:

  • Close the laptop.
  • Then, unplug every single cable.
  • Take out the batteries (if possible).

The laptop should be placed on a solid, flat plane

Due to the location of your laptop’s intake grilles (which are probably at the bottom), uneven surfaces such as your lap will block the air passage. As a result, cooling is compromised, heat accumulates, your laptop surfaces become heated, the inner temperature rises, and finally, the laptop may overheat.

A hard and level surface is the best way to avoid this. If you don’t have a laptop holder, a tray will do.

Purchase a laptop chiller or chilling pad

It is the purpose of a laptop cooler to offer extra cooling. In fact, choosing the improper cooler might exacerbate the situation. A laptop’s airflow should be understood before purchasing a cooler.

Most laptops, as previously noted, draw cooling air from the bottom of the machine. Because warm air travels upwards, this is a logical conclusion to draw. But a chiller that lies under the laptop and suctions air away from it does not contribute to laptop chilling but instead promotes overheating on the device.

Wrap up:

It is common for gaming laptops to get heated. But when CPU and GPU temperatures exceed 80°C, there might be a software or hardware problem.

As long as you fix each of these problems, your laptop should be able to run cooler again, allowing you to resume playing games. For new computers, it’s a good idea to get your laptop examined during the warranty term.

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