Behavioral Assessments for Hiring Used by Best Recruiters


Why Behavioral Assessments for Hiring Are Used by the Best Recruiters

While they are faced with many challenges, one tricky obstacle for recruiters to overcome is balancing the need to find the best candidate possible with the need to fill roles as quickly as possible. 

According to Glassdoor, the average job posting attracts around 250 applicants. That kind of volume can put a lot of strain on recruiters, who have to find ways to quickly sort through applicants without missing candidates with the right potential JobFit—in other words, the people best suited to the job.

One of the increasingly common tools used by the best recruiters is a behavioral assessment for employment. While skills testing has become standard across large parts of the staffing industry, incorporating behavioral assessments for hiring allows recruiters to assess a candidate’s soft skills, especially those required for a specific role.

Today, we will look at how eSkill’s behavioral assessments for employment can help make hiring the right person much easier, all while saving you time and money over traditional recruiting methods. 

A Closer Look at Behavioral Assessments for Hiring

It is easy to become fixated on hard skills like math and technology when looking for candidates to fill open positions. While these skills are important, they should not overshadow soft skills. According to a LinkedIn report, over 90% of HR professionals rate soft skills as more important or equally as important as technical abilities.

The best solution, then, is to combine skills tests with behavioral assessments. This approach allows you to create a complete profile for each candidate, which will enable you to compare potential hires against one another using qualitative and quantitative data. 

With eSkill, building these assessment tools is a snap.

More than just personality tests, behavioral assessments look at how a candidate reacts in situations they are likely to encounter while performing a job. 

eSkill’s assessment experts can help you tailor your behavioral assessments by helping you perform a job analysis for each open position. 

The analysis allows you to narrow down the list of necessary skills, which you can then use to create your assessment tools. That way, your behavioral assessment will provide you the most useful data possible.

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The Importance of Behavioral Assessments for Recruiters

Behavioral assessment tests play a critical role for recruiters looking to find the best possible candidates for their open positions. 

While using eSkill’s testing platform can cut your hiring costs by 70% and help you hire employees nearly 60% faster, adding behavioral assessments for hiring provides a host of other benefits as well.

Adding behavioral assessments to your hiring process can help you predict how well a candidate would perform in their new role. Because each behavioral assessment is built specifically to match top candidates to top performers in the role, you are more likely to find a new employee who has the aptitude needed to succeed.

A behavioral assessment also helps you ensure that your new hire will be a good fit within your company’s workplace culture. Even if an employee has the right technical skills, they may not succeed if their behavioral assessment shows they would be a poor fit for your current environment. 

By evaluating a candidate’s potential fit, you can avoid putting the new hire and the rest of your team in an uncomfortable and unproductive position.

Behavioral assessments give you a better chance of avoiding a bad hire, which can have repercussions that last well beyond the new hire period. Mis-hires are a drain on your company, and they put additional stress on your existing team, too.

The eSkill Difference

As a leader in the skills testing industry, eSkill’s Talent Assessment Platform provides you with an easy, user-friendly approach to incorporating behavioral assessments and skills testing into your hiring process. 

Our platform integrates seamlessly into most ATS software, and you can even automate the process to send out assessment links to all applicants, speeding your time to hire.

Although eSkill has more than 800 standard skills tests, you can also customize your own skills tests by combining questions from multiple tests into a single assessment tool. You can even add behavioral assessment material, giving you full control over the information you gather about applicants.

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Want even more data? You can create video response questions for your candidates, which gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with their communication style and thought processes. Your team can review video results at any time, increasing convenience for everyone involved in the hiring process.

All of this information is accessible through eSkill’s intuitive Talent Assessment dashboard, where you can sort candidates based on their scores or other metrics. You have a whole host of information at your fingertips, giving you ultimate control over the assessment process.

Want to Learn Why Top Recruiters Use Behavioral Assessment Tests for Hiring?

Find out how eSkill’s behavioral assessments for employment testing can help supercharge your recruiting and hiring process. Request a demo today.

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