Does insurance cover the entire cost of braces?


Dental insurance coverage is vital because it helps you cover some of the most expensive procedures that would otherwise be achievable. However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when using dental insurance to pay for your dental procedures.

Like any other type of insurance, it is not automatic that your insurance will pay the entire amount of your treatment. It does not matter whether the procedure was a cosmetic one or not. Sometimes, it is not a guarantee that insurance will cover the entire cost of getting braces.

Factors Affecting How Much You Get From Insurance

  1. The Coverage Type

You would think that dental insurance is just one type of coverage covering any dental treatment, but it is not. There are different types of coverages for dental issues, and some do not cover specific types of problems. 

For example, there are coverage types that do not cover orthodontics, so you have to pay for the cost of braces from your pocket even when you have dental insurance coverage. It is therefore vital to know which type of coverage your insurance company offers before you start paying. 

It saves you the trouble of discovering you are not covered when you have a dental problem. Familiarizing yourself with the different coverages also allows you to choose the most convenient or the one with the best benefits.

  1. Limitations and Conditions in Your Plan

You could have dental insurance coverage covering orthodontics but other limitations like age or specific treatments. In other cases, the insurance will only pay a portion of the braces cost, not the entire amount. 

Ensure you know what your plan limitations are when paying for the cost of braces before starting treatment so that you can prepare financially. Also, the premiums you pay for the insurance could determine how much coverage you have or instill certain limitations on the kind of care you are entitled to.

  1. The Cost of Your Treatment

Sometimes the cost of braces will be so high, especially when your case is complex. In such a case, your current plan may not be able to pay for the entire cost of braces according to the premiums you pay and the conditions of the plan.

Also, if you are getting braces for a second time, your insurance might decline to pay for the second treatment based on their lifetime maximum limitations. Knowing about these limitations beforehand is always important because it helps you understand how much to expect from the insurance.


In most cases, dental insurance will pay up to 50% of the cost of braces and leave you to pay the rest. Given that the cost of braces can be a bit high sometimes, it is crucial to look for funding well before deciding to get braces. 

You should put together some money for the procedure, even with insurance. That way, you can get treatment without any financial setbacks halfway through. Talk to a dentist beforehand to know how much money you need.

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