A Guide on Silk Dresses


This season is all about silk! With ever-changing fashion trends – silk has made its way to party and evening wear. Gone are the days when silk dresses were specifically worn to date nights. Now you can style your silk dresses just the way you like and wherever you want to!

Silk as a fabric has its own charm- it gives you a luxurious and premium feel and makes you feel confident and classy. When we talk about silk dresses, you can easily play with different color tones from neutrals to glossy and shimmery colors. You can find a great variety of silk dresses in Pakistan, as brands such as Hustle n Holla, Mantra, and Negative apparel have a chic variety of silk dresses.

At times wearing a silk dress might seem unflattering then there is one mistake at your end and that is styling it in the wrong way. Silk dresses are all about class – it is a timeless wardrobe staple that belongs to every wardrobe of a girl or woman.

Today we will silk away your worries by telling you different ways you can style your silk dress and be a showstopper at a party! Let’s explore how you can create different looks with your silk dresses.

  1. Pair it with your strappy sandals

Footwear plays an essential role when it comes to styling any top, be it a dress, skirt, denim, or shorts. Similarly, when it comes to silk dresses – strappy sandals are always a win-win! You can pair your silk dress with your favorite strappy sandals for a chic evening look.

  1. Throw in a blazer

Blazer is your best friend! To add oomph to your silk dress- add a blazer. This gives a structured chic look, and the best part is that it can be paired in different colored contrast. So, if it’s chilly then you can still wear your silk dress with a blazer and show off the fashion diva in you!

  1. Add in a belt

If you think your silk dress is not making a fashion statement then all you have to do is – add a belt. You can choose different types of belts, such as chain belts, leather belts, or chunky belts. Adding a belt naturally adds a chic touch to the overall look.

  1. Accessorize with your favorite necklace

Silk dresses are often solid colored and that’s the beauty of it! However, if the fashion diva in you still feels like something is missing, then you can pair your favorite accessories. A chunky necklace or a simple one to the three-layered necklace is a good option. It will give a sultry and chic look and make you look like a fashionista!

  1. Pick a color

Silk dresses come in amazing colors! You can find a range of nude colors to bright colors. For evening events you can go with soft colors and for night events you can choose colors such as red, black or emerald green! However, you can go vice-versa as well depending on your mood, style, and preference!

  1. Experiment Away

We all want to look our best selves when it comes to attending any kind of event. So, if you are planning to wear your favorite silk dress then get ready to experiment, as that is what fashion is about! Try different hairstyles such as sleek bun, makeup such as funky eyeliners or bold lip color, or wear your silk dress with trainers. Fashion is all about versatility and in this era, all you have to do is carry it with confidence and style!

Since vacation season is here and we all are heading out to parties, let’s make the most of the silk dresses we already have in our closet or buy the best silk dresses online in Pakistan and slay away!

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