Does Nang Really Work?


Nang is a Vietnamese slang word for nitrogen, an anaesthesia that’s been used for over 100 years. Many individuals know it simply as laughing gas. However, it’s typically used in medical practices to help you relax while other procedures that do not require a general anesthetic, like dental surgery and childbirth do not. Nitrous oxide is administered through a tube that is connected directly to the persons stomach or urinary tract; when administered properly, it provides a sensation of relaxation to the patient.

 Recently the media has begun reporting on its use by celebrities from around the world including

Nang has recently become one of the popular recreational drugs across the nation. Recently the media has begun reporting on its use by celebrities from around the world including Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston. Nang is often mixed with a variety of other drugs including nitrous oxide and other controlled substances. This is often done at parties, raves, or wherever there is a large gathering. There are even reported instances where dealers have been caught selling fake nangs in grocery stores or other establishments.

The medical term for Nitrous Oxide is laughing gas and contrary to popular belief it is completely harmless to ingest. It’s also important to realize that while recreational users of Nang are typically younger adults (under the age of 21), anyone can overdose on Nang and experience negative side effects. If you suspect someone of trying or being addicted to Nang or if you have questions about the purity of Nang, you should contact law enforcement immediately. In the case of an emergency, you should never under any circumstances attempt to purchase Nang or its products without medical supervision.

The effects of Nang, whether inhaled or ingested, are similar to those from laughing gas or other noxious stimulants. It can produce a rush of euphoria similar to that produced by alcohol. However, there are some serious health consequences associated with its use that should be discussed with a qualified professional first. Nang is not to be used by pregnant women or anyone else who is dependent on another drug such as heroin or another strong stimulant. Using Nang is considered addictive by most medical professionals, and the addiction leads to severe mental and physical complications if not treated.

An excessive use of laughing gas, especially when accompanied by other drugs such as cocaine can cause severe damage to the circulatory system. High levels of dopamine are released into the bloodstream when taking Nang; this may raise blood pressure and cause heart attacks or seizures. Although some people may experience relief from these side effects when using Nang, others will experience severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and violent behavior. These issues are rare, however, and occur in only a small minority of people who consume excessive amounts of nitrous oxide.

In a medical setting, serious effects of Nang poisoning can be life threatening. Nang abusers have reported that they developed hallucinations, became confused, died, or experienced respiratory arrest while inhaling Nang. Nang abusers are also extremely susceptible to infections, which may require medical treatment from a Doctor. Nitrous oxide, whether inhaled through a tube or otherwise ingested, can cause an abscess at the site of injection. Extensive medical treatment may be required in a medical setting if the abscess spreads to other areas of the body, including the lungs, heart, and brain.

An excessive use of Nang is highly self-limiting. An individual can take Nang several times a day with no ill effects being noticed. If an individual continues to use Nang after it was intended for use only once per day, the user may suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms and should seek immediate medical attention. Nang can be purchased over the counter at most drug stores or at numerous online sources. Because of its dangerous nature, it is highly recommended that Nang not be used by pregnant women, children or individuals under the age of eighteen. Individuals who use Nang may also be subject to penalties and fines if they are caught selling or using Nang.

Like many other nootropic supplements, the popularity of the nitrous oxide has grown tremendously over the past five years. There is an endless variety of brands available on the retail market today, however it should be noted that all brands are not created equal. Nang purchasing any type of nootropic supplement, it is important to do extensive research and speak with a medical professional.

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