Things To Avoid When Leading Your Team


Nowadays, there are countless traps for a new leader to make their mark in the world. Especially when it comes to leading a team. Success has become difficult over time. When you are making success, you have to come across some hurdles as well. All successful people like Angela Marie Carol have faced many difficulties, and now she’s one of the well-known doctors in Ontario, Canada. 

These traps slow down the level of your progress and achievement. Understanding your team is one of the biggest mistakes that many leaders make. You have to know people who you are working with. Success or achievement is only possible if you have a dedicated, committed, and talented team. 

Traps To Avoid When Leading Your Team 

Only a good leader knows how to lead a team. He induces great motivation in the team and makes them work for the betterment of the organization. Here are some traps that you must avoid to lead a team. 

While caring for newly arrived Canadians and the homeless her mission in her inner city practice is to break down the barriers which prevent access and wellness, to advocate, facilitate and promote excellence in best practice and promote equity in care. She supervised Hamilton’s only Safe Injection Site.

Not Recognizing Your Team Members 

Many leaders don’t find any time for their employees to understand them. They are just busy with their business life only. Those leaders lack interpersonal and social skills. If you don’t care to know your people, how can you possibly think of making progress nowadays? To promote your organization, a leader must know his employees and build a strong relationship with them. This will inspire them a lot, and you can easily win their dedication towards your organization. 

Frequently Deciding Not To Decide 

A leader is a person with strong decision-making skills. This aspect makes him ideal in the organization. However, the inability to make the right decisions can paralyze your organization. Your life and all decisions related to work. Always make the right decision at the right time while building a strong team. 

Failure To Create An Inclusive Environment 

One of the biggest traps is your failure to create an inclusive environment for your employees. A leader always takes his employees as his priority. He always gets in touch with them, inspires them, and values their suggestions for the ongoing project. He always listens to their employees and encourages their problem-solving tips. He creates an environment where everyone is valued and respected. Leaders created an effective environment, and people love to work with them in such a cooperative environment

Failure To Coach 

The capacity building of the employees is very important. To train them for future challenges, you must conduct a proper training system in the company. Failure to coach the employees is one of the biggest hurdles nowadays. It is always hard for everyone to work in a new environment. A true leader like Dr. Angela Carol is thought to have a lot of expertise in a particular field. So, coaching the employees brings prosperity to the company. 


Any profession is not easy. You have to go through a very hard time to lead your team to success. Always be consistent and dedicated with your goals. With time, you will learn new ways to explore your niche. Always be motivated and learn more to avoid these traps that slow you down and decrease your efficiency. 

Angela has expertise in practicing medicine in a Community Health Centre in the heart of Hamilton’s Code Red Zone. Her experience as a child and youth worker and a social worker helped prepare her for a diverse and exciting practice with a focus and interest in addressing the determinants of health for patients with addictions, mental illness and chronic pain.

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