Does your Dog Fancy Swimming? Here Are the Tips to Get Started!


Not all dogs know how to swim naturally. Some dogs are talented swimmers, while others need swim training to be safe in the pools. While dogs of breeds like Spaniels, Retrievers, etc., get comfortable with water quickly, some other breeds of dogs like Pugs and Bulldogs find swimming a challenging task. These dogs are pretty heavy and find it an arduous task to tread in water. Still, with patience and practice, they can learn how to swim.

Also, does your dog have the stamina to swim? It is pretty subjective and depends on your dog’s energy levels. Big dogs can swim through the water for a long time, while the smaller ones may get exhausted soon. Know your dog well and plan the duration of water activity appropriately. Pool chemicals may cause skin irritation and dryness in your furry friend. Talk to the vet to know about your pet’s swimming concerns.

Make use of insurance for pets dogs that cover your pet’s medical care for any ensuing health issues. The best pet insurance supports your pet’s accidental, illness, and emergency care. Remember, you need to keep dogs suffering from diarrhea, vomits, skin infections, etc., away from the pool. You don’t want to aggravate the existing condition or make other dogs sick, do you?

How to swim train your dog safely?

Taking safety precautions is necessary to avert any accidents that involve your dog. To make the entire episode with your furry friend memorable, follow these simple tips.

1.      Introduce water to your pet dog through your bathtub or small backyard wading pools. Give them an enjoyable experience, so they look forward to learning the art of swimming. (It would be best if you had taught your pet to swim while he was still young as a puppy)

2.      Begin training your dog for swimming in a pool. A pool offers a controlled space where you can monitor your dog’s activity and be by its side to avoid dangers. Once your dog masters swimming in this small water place, you can move on to taking your dog to a lake. Steer clear of your dog swimming in an ocean at this stage. It would be best if you took your dog out for a lake swim on a low tide.

3.      Ensure a life jacket always guards your pet friend. It helps not only the beginners but also the pros too. We say it is better to stay safe than to feel sorry later. Have a few swim practice sessions for your dog with the life vest on, so he gets comfortable swimming in it in a larger water body.

4.      Your dog needs to explore his skills in the shallow waters first. He may proceed towards the deeper end gradually. Bribe your pet through some treats and toys to encourage him.

5.      Don’t hurry the sessions. Let your fur companion take his sweet time to learn. The first few sessions will be more about getting over the fear of water if your dog has been too anxious. Taking it slow is the key to successful swim training.

6.      Your pet needs to be vaccinated to move on to water-related adventure activities. Get in touch with your vet to know the implications of such participation by your furry friend.

Also, pet parents need to take some backyard pool safety measures to prevent their pet dogs from falling into and drowning. Having a gate around the pool helps. If you have any pets around, then monitor your senior pets, little pups, and pets with cognitive dysfunction, so they don’t slip into pools accidentally.

Insurance for pets dogs covers vet treatments after pet accidents, but it is no reason to be careless about your pets. The best pet insurance includes your pet’s vet visits, medicines, diagnosis, treatment, emergency care, and more, so you can make quick decisions on their wellbeing. Protect your pet for any unanticipated health issues through pet insurance. Read more articles at mindsetterz.

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