Don’t Leave Them Alone, Fun Vacation Tips in Singapore with Elderly Parents!


Have you ever considered going on a holiday trip with your elders? There must be some consideration that will make you not bring them on a trip. Because of the age and the precaution, the elder is often forgotten when it comes to holiday trips. That is so harsh, you can go bring them for a perfect holiday.

You can go elsewhere with your senior-age parents and bring them to their favorite places. But, don’t forget, they need to rest in the best condition. For the tips, don’t go for a full day trip but go for a two or three days holiday. In Singapore, you can get your and your elder parents a place to rest in the Geylang hotel so they will be safe from the energy outtakes. Even for the cheaper one, you can book at ibis Budget Singapore Ruby when you will go around the cityscape of Singapore.

So, here are the tips to bring together your elderly parents for holiday, check it out!

  1. Choose the timing wisely

First, just mind the timing when you go with your senior-age parents. Don’t just cherry-pick the date but ask them if they can go for a trip. Don’t take a very long holiday because they have some things to think about.

Some tips, because Singapore is not a very big place to explore, you can go for a 2 or 3 days for the holiday with your elder. Lastly, in those times they just dont always place-hop because they won’t get the pleasure but only tired on the trip.

  1. Look up for medical condition

Looking up health conditions is a must, why? Because your parents can be fragile to some conditions. So, just discuss the travel plans with the medical doctor and ask for a recommendation to be sure if the trip is possible.

It is for their safety wherever you go in Singapore. Also, if there are any emergency health situations, the doctor will get immediately to fix the things. So, before you go for the trip, just look up your parents’ medical condition with the doctor.

  1. Plan the activities

Traveling with elderly parents cannot be done suddenly. You must take some notes on how the holiday will be going. For the tips, you can plan what kind of activities you will do with your parents for the rest of the day.

The one most important thing, do not plan your and your elder activities overnight. Besides it is not good, they will not get their energy back from the full day of activities. As a result, they can’t travel in perfect condition the next day.

  1. Choose the best food

When you go for a holiday trip with your elders, you must consider what food to eat. It is because they can’t just eat all the food you can eat, for example, it is not good if they go for hard-rock food and alcohol.

Just go to a family-friendly restaurant that offers a variety of menu items. You can choose and talk to the restaurant about what food your elder wants to eat. Don’t hesitate to do this because many of the best restaurants in Singapore will bring you the options to do that thing.

  1. Seek out for the best accommodations

Many airlines, resorts, and hotels in Singapore have excellent services when it comes to family. Especially for the elderly age, you can request some things to accommodate your parents. For example, you can choose and ask for the best time to fly with the plane, to stay at the hotels, and even the seat and room position for the night.

Just lookup for the extra facilities to accommodate your elder needs by asking the services or for the easy way you can book all your and your parents’ flight and rooms at Traveloka. Because why? Traveloka gives options to fulfill your holiday needs.

You can book the hotel room from Traveloka Apps or the website and tick what needs of your room and flight.

By using Traveloka, you can choose and search for any family-friendly hotel you want and add some special prices because Traveloka always gives discounts and best offers. You can pay with the payment options you want for yourself from ATM transfer, credit card, and even internet banking.

So, plan your holiday with an elder and pack up your bags and get the best hotel and the flight only on Traveloka!

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