Employee Advocacy: Does It Really Matter for Employees & Businesses?


Employees can prove to be one of the best advocates for your organization. Business owners often think of external sources like social media influencers for brand advocacy. We do not argue against the benefits of this approach. But also consider this: who knows your company better than your employees? They are perfect for authentically representing the values and ethics you stand for.

There are several advantages of employee advocacy that affect both employees and the brand. With a well-planned program, you can reap great rewards from it. Our experts at Write My CV have delved into this topic to help you understand its benefits. You can take your brand to the next level with this secret weapon in your arsenal.

What is meant by employee advocacy?

The promotion of a business by the employees who work in it is employee advocacy. Having a proper strategy in this area amplifies promotional efforts and increases brand awareness. The sharing of workplace experiences provides the consumers with a unique insider look. Products or services are advertised by word of mouth as employees recommend them to friends and family.

Different types of employee advocacy

There is more than one way to initiate employee advocacy. Some approaches don’t even need a strategy and exist organically. You simply need to identify them and reap the benefits.

Sending company merch and swag

Surprising your employees by sending them the company’s branded products creates a great impression. It also enables them to post the merch on social media and spread word about your business. Useful and good-quality products are always loved by employees, and they truly enjoy telling others about them. Simply get a nice sweatshirt or tote bag printed with your logo. Items of daily usage make for the best company swag.

Appreciation and incentives

If your employees are happy, they will automatically advocate for the company. The workplace culture and environment contribute directly to employee satisfaction. Celebrating accomplishments publicly or privately go a long way in showing how much you value your team.

An employee of the month program is one of the best examples of this. At our professional cv writer UK service, we recognize our employees’ efforts with a system of monthly rewards. This highly motivates them and boosts their energy level for handling new tasks and projects. Our leading position in the online industry is evidence of their incredible performance.

Advocacy through social media

Social media is extremely valuable when it comes to building a successful employee advocacy strategy. Positive posts of employees about their company on their social media hugely impact those who view them. It does take more effort on the company’s behalf to maintain this strategy. But it does promise an increased ROI.

Benefits of employee advocacy

Now to explore the real question: does employee advocacy benefit both the brand and its employees? We have highlighted the advantages it holds for both parties.

For the business

Increases the reach of brand messages

According to official surveys, branding messages shared by employees have 561% more reach in comparison to other channels. It is a brilliant way to grow your business in a purely organic way.

Employee performance is improved

As we know by now, employee advocacy practices are based on the happiness of your workers. The high rate of employee involvement ensures that everyone is giving their best performances.

The company has control over the brand messages

By having a formal employee advocacy program, you provide employees with the content you want to promote. This allows you to have a hand in shaping the kind of persona you want to show the world. And yet it will not seem forced and unauthentic as each employee will add their personal touch to it.

Encourages qualified leads

When employees post something appreciative about their company, it reaches many viewers. It spreads valuable information about the brand’s vision and facilities provided by it. This makes it easier for their HR team to find candidates who are aware of the workplace culture. Their eagerness to become a part of the environment can turn them into productive team members.

For employees

Makes work more convenient

When links and other content are provided by the company, it does not take much effort to post online. They can either post it in its original form or include a creative touch of their own. It is the least time-consuming and efficient method for brand promotion.

Creates networking opportunities

The power of a strong professional network should never be underestimated. Social media posts are a natural channel to connect and interact with more people. Employees can look forward to the opportunities this can provide.

Builds thought leadership

Study shows that 65% of purchasing decisions are based on the values, words, and practices of brand leaders. When an employee shares any type of positive content about their company, it strengthens people’s trust. In turn, the reputation of the employee as an influencer also rises. Their knowledge and experience in their niche are considered authentic.

Ready to start an employee advocacy program?

To begin, you must develop a detailed plan with higher-level executives onboard. All the members of your organization need to understand the significance of this program.

Employee training is another necessary part of these efforts. Clarify all the policies associated with content sharing. Cover all the details from the frequency of posts to the preferred platform. If a particular tool needs to be used, then introduce and teach them its functions as well.

Once the program is underway, frequently monitor the outcomes. Improve or rebuild your strategies accordingly. Rewarding employees for putting in their best efforts will keep them motivated. It is important to remember that sincere and appreciative gestures will organically build employee advocacy.

Companies that encourage employee involvement in brand promotion are known to show marked growth. This active approach is also enjoyed by employees and makes them excited to work for you. A happier workforce results in a productive and efficient company that can outdo any competitors.

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