Essential Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners


A report by Statista reveals that the global digital advertising spend will go up 17% from 2020 and amount to more than $389 billion in 2021, according to digital marketing statistics on Orbelo. The ultimate goal for every small business owner is to attract more customers, boost sales and grow. While traditional advertising methods are still viable options for reaching target audiences, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of digital marketing for startups and even large enterprises. In addition to helping you reach target customers worldwide, online advertising is cost-effective, boosts your online presence, and improves your credibility. If you’re looking to market your business online, check out these essential marketing tips for small business owners. 

Optimize Your Website

Website visitors’ demands are dynamic, and as a business owner, you should familiarize yourself with these demands and meet them. For example, all internet users want easy-to-navigate sites and fast-loading pages on desktop and mobile. Therefore, consider optimizing your website design to ensure your visitors stay longer. An optimized web design means the site is easy to navigate, pages load faster, and has easy-to-read content. Failure to optimize your website results in a high bounce rate, meaning visitors leave your site a few seconds after clicking on it. As a result, your search rankings on Google drop because a high bounce rate shows that your site isn’t easy to use.

Invest In SEO

It might not be the easiest thing to do, but search engine optimization offers numerous benefits to small business owners. Note that your website doesn’t need to be fancy; all it needs is email sign-up and high-quality content that provides valuable information to your website visitors. To ensure you create compelling content, perform keyword research to identify the search terms your site visitors use. Then use those search terms strategically in your blog articles, videos, product reviews, and podcasts. In addition to creating quality content, localize your SEO. This SEO practice revolves around making your business visible to local customers. While it might seem easy to localize your SEO strategy, hiring a professional local SEO company is wise. Ideally, you’ll need experts to create a Google My Business account for your company, enhance personalization, and optimize your website design. That way, you can rank high on search engine results pages.  

Be Smart About Data

Unlike large companies, small businesses don’t need mega dashboards to monitor every metric from social media to website bounce rates. However, you need a simple way of tracking your performance. So, start by asking yourself where you want your business to be in the next six months or in the next year. After that, list different types of digital marketing efforts that work best for your venture and then select a metric to help you determine if you’re close to achieving your goal. When choosing your key performance indicator, make sure you’re tracking the right thing. For example, let’s say you want to reach a large audience through existing subscribers. Instead of targeting new email sign-ups, your KPIs should be the number of times your email newsletters get forwarded. 

Internet marketing is an essential part of running a successful business across all industries. And while it may sound complex, it isn’t. All you need to do is optimize your website design, localize your SEO, get smart about data, and publish quality content. 

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