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Living with a disability is not easy. You become dependent on your caregivers and family members for even minute tasks. Needless to say, things are not as easy as they sound. However, for Aussies, NDIS Support Providers come as an eventual savior. According to an estimate, almost 4.3 million people are disabled in Australia. And, with the funded support of nearly 22 million, they have undoubtedly found a promising remedy to elevate their living standards. You can also take ndis cleaning services Sydney.

We have attempted to bring in all the nitty-gritty of NDIS that will surely add value to the lives of the disabled individuals. From providing a definition, to describing the procedure of acquiring support, you will find everything in this penciled narration. Without dragging the conversation any further, let’s start exploring the NDIS.

NDIS — What It Is?

It is an acronym for National Disability Insurance Scheme, run by NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency).  

NDIS aims to help people achieve their desired life goals. This is an insurance scheme that upholds the mission of investing in people’s lives. It aims to better people’s lives and encourage individuals to contribute to the well-being of the whole society. The main element of the NDIS physiotherapy is offering personalized packages of support to the people that come under the category of eligibility.

There were days when people didn’t have the opportunity to voice their opinions for the support they needed. However, NDIS support coordinators Ballarat turned the entire situation to a one-eighty by giving participants the choice and control over the services decisions.

Participants will have the following perks:

  • They will have the flexibility of choosing the way their plan is managed.
  • The participants will have their share in the say for the services they want.
  • The members will have full autonomy in choosing their providers.
  • They will be delivered the services at the location and time of their choice.

The Places Where NDIS is Available 

The NDIS serves across the areas of Australia. You will have to visit the NDIS official website to check its details in your territory and state.

Who Can Apply For NDIS Funding?

NDIS is a funded aid for people with disabilities. It supports only permanent and significant disabilities are given support. In simple words, people dealing with intellectual, sensory, physical, cognitive, and psychological disabilities are welcomed to receive support and services.

No two disabilities are alike. This is the why NDIS support coordinators Ballarat assesses people on an individual basis to check whether they are eligible for NDIS funding.

The Procedure to Apply For NDIS 

If you are an existing recipient of the disability support services, you don’t need to apply for NDIS. If this is not the case, you will have to contact NDIS on its number 1800 800 110 and request an Access Request Form.

As part of the Access Request Process, you will have to answer specific questions. First and foremost, you will have to confirm your identity. You will be asked some questions to check whether or not you meet the NDIS access requirements. You will have to provide proof of your disability in the end. 

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For NDIS Funding?

There exist several kinds of disabilities, and no two people who have the same disability share the same experience. This is why there is a benchmark to decide the eligibility criteria for the NDIS assistance.

NDIA holds the responsibility to determine the eligibility criteria. And, for receiving the NDIS funding, you must meet those requirements.

Let’s have a look at those disability or early intervention requirements. To be eligible, you must:

  • Must be less than 65 years of age. 
  • Have a permanent disability that substantially impacts your potentials to participate in everyday activities.
  • Should be an Australian citizen or have a permanent visa or a Special Protected Category visa.

About NDIS Plan by NDIS Providers

If NDIS providers find you eligible to receive NDIS assistance, you will get an individual plan to meet your needs. The NDIS is segregated into various sections: Capital Support, Core Supports, and Capacity Building Supports.

Your NDIS plan is designed in a manner that suits the objectives you have decided on. You may get the funding in any combination of the categories mentioned above. The supports available in the plan are aligned in such a way that helps you meet your goals.

How Does NDIS Providers Support?

There are eight ways through which NDIS providers in Ballarat can help. Have a look at them all.

  • Information And Referral
  • Individualized Plans And Support
  • Early Intervention
  • Funded Support
  • Assistive Technology
  • Housing
  • Auslan Translation Services
  • Support To Access Community Services And Activities

Information and Referral 

This entails offering easy access to information that a person with a disability requires. Through NDIS, you can get to know the information about the most potent support options, assistance to build, and individual capacity. It includes diagnosis advice, referral to the relevant support services, links to LSC, programs, initiatives, associations, and clubs.

Individualized Plans and Support

NDIS is a goal-based program. It helps in design plans and supports that meet the individual’s unique needs and skills.

Early Intervention

NDIS knows that early support to people with disabilities is vital for bringing changes in their lives. This is the reason they have early intervention programs in their support system.

Funded Support

Funded support for eligible people are in the form of wheelchairs, Next Steps Programs, and whatnot.

Assistive Technology

There are funds for Assistive Technology in NDIS support. Assistive technology covers the devices or systems that help an individual perform their tasks without encountering any difficulty. It includes automatic wheelchairs, bed rails, hearing aids, and mobility canes, to name a few.


NDIS offers housing costs or house construction services to people dealing with their daily living problems.

Auslan Translation Services

Those who have a hearing impairment get an Auslan translator as aid from NDIS.

Support to Access Community Services and Activities

NDIS providers in Ballarat help the people connect with the community members through group activities and community participation programs.

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The Bottom Line 

NDIS is a savior to all those who want to bring positive changes to their lives. With a variety of support and services, the scheme manages to help disabled people attain a better lifestyle and make healthy life choices. If you know anyone who seems to be a perfect candidate for receiving NDIS funding, make them connect with the right source. Remember, your single act of kindness can save the entire humanity.

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